Month: March 2012


 Me “dunno, just fed up of being ill all the time, and not being able to keep up like normal people”    My friend “Hmm so change it x”   Me “i cant its apart of my illness…. there is no cure for it”… Continue Reading “:/”


So yet again I am ILL! 😦 Everything hurts and aches, on more anti biotic’s. So fed up of feeling ill all the time, and having to deal my my head…… It’s just to draining. MEH!  Not even sure what to write. My brain… Continue Reading “Frustrated!”

Drowning x

Done all my jobs for the day. I had my hair cut, got my eyebrows waxed, dropped my rent change thing down to the housing office, got some cleaning stuff and cleaned up the flat at bit, got a few bits in town. Then… Continue Reading “Drowning x”

Another Tuesday, full of urges

DBT group went well. The 2 mindfulness exercises we did were cool, 1st 1 we did colouring, 2nd 1 we played Jenga 🙂  I ended up spending the day with one of the woman from group. Was really nice. This afternoon I ended up… Continue Reading “Another Tuesday, full of urges”

Tired and ill

So on Thursday I got poor lil Marley spayed. Yes she was pregnant with kittens, but I did what was best for me and her, plus there are too many unwanted animals in this world, without adding more to them. Everything went well, and… Continue Reading “Tired and ill”

Struggling so much!

Not written for a while. Not been feeling too social-able. So Marley is pregnant, but I can just about cope with me and them let alone kittens as well. So she is getting spayed tomorrow. I feel really bad for her and the kittens.… Continue Reading “Struggling so much!”

Uh Oh!

I think my baby girl,  Marely moo, might be pregnant! Poor girl! Will take her to the vets next week, and keep you all up-date. Not sure if I will be able to handle 2 cats, and pregnant cat and then kittens as well… Continue Reading “Uh Oh!”

1st Blog :)

So wow this is my 1st blog! 🙂 I hope everyone that reads is able to get something out of it. I’ve been doing a lot of  “random” scribblings at the moment. Anything that comes to mind, comes out onto paper. I find it… Continue Reading “1st Blog :)”