Month: April 2012

Goodbyes and changes x

Dee’s funeral went as well as funerals can go. So many people turned up to the church and I know so many more couldn’t make it. The service was beautiful, as Dee had planned it along with her minister. Her husband read out a… Continue Reading “Goodbyes and changes x”

Sad day tomorrow

Had an ok day, went and had my hair cut and my eye brows waxed. It has been raining all day so my joints have been pretty painful.  I hung out with my brother for a bit, and then come home around lunch time… Continue Reading “Sad day tomorrow”

Melt down recovered

My melt down continued from yesterday about 6pm till I cried myself to sleep at nearly 1am. By that time of the night I had completely just lost control and I just sat and cried and cried and cried uncontrollably, I could barely breathe.… Continue Reading “Melt down recovered”

Email to my psych!

Hi so Dyllan here. Thought I would write you an email as clearly words aren’t getting me anywhere, maybe it’s me not saying it clear enough. I am depressed. A good day is if I get out of bed, an even better day is… Continue Reading “Email to my psych!”

So depressed

HELLOOOO! Yup I’m still here…..  Day started of well. Didn’t sleep to well last night though, but hey….  Woke up, showered and got dressed and ate. It’s been a fucking awful day RAINING! ALL day! URGH! left the house early and took Oscar to… Continue Reading “So depressed”

Starting to feel better :)

Today I woke up early, but did’t know what to do with myself, so i forced myself back to sleep. I just wasn’t ready to be up and to face the world just yet. I forced myself to get up, showered and dressed and… Continue Reading “Starting to feel better :)”

Mixed times

Been a busy week, but a good 1, have had things to do which has been good. Booked Oscar in at the vets to get his furry balls off lol. But the vet told me he’s over weight :s He weights 5kg lol he’s… Continue Reading “Mixed times”

Another angel lost to heaven x

Thank you so much for your kind and inspiring words you 2 🙂 It’s not until today have I been able to really appreciate them, as I am calm now about the whole situation. I had some sad news on Sunday. My youth worker… Continue Reading “Another angel lost to heaven x”

I give up

P-doc was a waste of time. Even though he is head of psychiatry he was useless. Not seen him in over a year, he had obviously not read my notes. He didn’t know about my dad. I had 20mins to catch him up on… Continue Reading “I give up”

Faking my way…

So I managed to fake it through Easter Sunday. I actually left the house as well! I woke up at about 9:30am after only going to sleep at about 5am. After I have been lazing about for the last I don’t know how many… Continue Reading “Faking my way…”