Month: May 2012


Not feeling so great. Not slept well in about a week, but feels like forever… Working so hard to move forward, but inside I just can’t….. Portraying the “me and my life” that people want me to be/do e.t.c but non of it is… Continue Reading “AGITATED!”

Life coaching session

Life coaching session went well this afternoon, although some bits were a bit uncomfortable but I did it. I had to stand and A.R talked me through what we were doing. The room was the landscape of my mind, I pointed to where my… Continue Reading “Life coaching session”

best day!

I FEEL amazing and I’ve had a brilliant day 🙂 DBT skills group this morning went well! I struggled with mindfulness though, but I am getting there!  After group I went out with one of the other group members K. We caught the bus… Continue Reading “best day!”

Be positive! Life is too short! x

Life is so precious and goes so fast. Don’t waste this opportunity to be the best that you can! When I was a lil kid I used to think that it would take forever to be a grown up. Now I am 27yrs old… Continue Reading “Be positive! Life is too short! x”

Great Saturday x

 Met up with my mom today, and surprisingly it was a really nice day! and now I am so tired, even though I had a nap when I got home lol. Mom took me to have pizza for lunch, then we went for a… Continue Reading “Great Saturday x”

Feeling great!

Feeling good 🙂  Doxycycline is working and I’m starting to feel loads better already.  Off to meet my mom for lunch tomorrow…. That should be exciting!  The boi I have been talking to has been a bit distant with me…. I’m sure he has… Continue Reading “Feeling great!”

Am I crazy?!

On doxycycline again for my viral infection! I hope it goes soon.  Saw M.R, I was referred to her from my counsellor and she is going to do some life coaching stuff with me. I can’t remember everything she told me about what we… Continue Reading “Am I crazy?!”


Had DBT skills group this morning, I had to DRAG myself out of bed and to the bus lol, but as the session got started I got more energised as I was able to bounce off everyone. The new girls were more chatty this… Continue Reading “PLANS! :)”

Ill but still getting on!

Slept really well last night, was soundo! Think I have a viral infection again. Feel so exhausted and ill. Keep coughing up stuff, throat is sore, joints hurt. Just want to sleep! Despite feeling ill, I have done some washing, and cleaned up a… Continue Reading “Ill but still getting on!”

Still a bit scatty…

Been fairly busy recently. A friend of mine had to leave the place she was leaving, I won’t go into the reasons why as it’s not my place. So anyways she has been staying with me since Wednesday and bless her already found herself… Continue Reading “Still a bit scatty…”