Month: June 2012

so tired

Good day, I treated myself to a few things. Just been looking after myself really today. It’s not quite 9pm and I am struggling to keep my eyes open, I am that tired lol. Not going to have a late one tonight. I am… Continue Reading “so tired”


So today hasn’t been so great!  I have been in absolute agony with every joint from my hips downwards. I rang my bone doctor and spoke to his secretary, and she said she will speak to him about it in the morning, as he… Continue Reading “PAIN!”


I’m struggling, and I hurt and I am so fed up of crying.  I don’t even know what I am holding on to anymore, what is keeping me going. Maybe the mask I wear everyday is just too good, cuz right now I need… Continue Reading “hurt”

Fathers day… :(

Happy Fathers day Dad. Miss you and love you even more. Had an ok day. Never and I went out for a roast and we both had a massive chocolate fudge cake after! lol we were both totally stuffed. I been feeling a bit… Continue Reading “Fathers day… :(“

Weird day

So I got sky TV fitted today! So pretty happy about that, getting the rest fitted a week today.  Fucked off with my housing association… they were meant to send to contractors round to fit my new shower screen… BUT instead someone come that… Continue Reading “Weird day”

Climbing back up!

Well feeling so much better today. I have been up since 8am cleaning up and stuff, just looking after myself, the animals and the flat!  I have learnt a few things over the last couple of days. Things that are making me a better… Continue Reading “Climbing back up!”


Thank you superchick. Feeling so depressed. I fucking hate people. Always end up looking like a cunt even though I have done nothing wrong. Being ignored now as well! Why do people feel the need to lie and fuck shit up for others. I fucking… Continue Reading “depressed….”


I am so out of touch with what is in that music charts, I have been for years! I’ve been so stuck in my lil world! and it’s not always a good thing. I feel like I have totally lost touch with the “real… Continue Reading “Re-connecting”

Bye dad x

Thank you Zoomer 🙂  Well today was the day. I think it will be yet another date that will be burned into my mind.  After initial confusion about where we were all meeting (NOT MY DOING) Just general lack of FAMILY communication as usual!… Continue Reading “Bye dad x”

Letting go

Been a crazy ass fucking day! I tell you LESBIAN FUCKING DRAMA’s am keeping out of it from now on! I said what needed to be said and am leaving it at that. I just don’t understand why this person is carrying on lying… Continue Reading “Letting go”