Month: July 2012

Running down that dark hole

Well didn’t manage to write about what my GP said yesterday. He took my blood pressure and that is fine. He listened to my chest he said it sounds clear, so no infection. Just to use my inhalers to help. Told him I have… Continue Reading “Running down that dark hole”

Good but tiring day x

Yesterday was a good day. I went out to a few shops with my Auntie (mom’s sister) and my little cousin Layla, who didn’t want me to leave when my auntie dropped me home. But I said to Layla that we would all go… Continue Reading “Good but tiring day x”

Me, myself and I

Well today has been a good day, although I have been on the edge of tears all fucking day, for no reason! I hate those days cuz any thing sets me off.. So today I woke up at like 6:30am… No idea why! But… Continue Reading “Me, myself and I”

Feeling more settled

I’m feeling a little better today. I first woke up at about 11:30am, I had something to eat and drink and talked to a friend for a bit. My head was really hurting, maybe due to lack of sleep, as I’d only fallen asleep… Continue Reading “Feeling more settled”


So group was kinda ok today, just kind of went did it and left! I spoke to one of the therapist’s who is also the p-doc I had asked to see rather then my current twat of a p-doc. So he went on about… Continue Reading “depressed”

Poorly again x

Yesterday I went to see one of my best friends, who I have known for about 4yrs. She’s my fave lil goth girl. I hung out with her for a few hours. Just sat and chatted had a laugh 🙂 Hope to go see… Continue Reading “Poorly again x”

Do what you gotta do!

So after a week of being cut off from my contract on my mobile, I finally got reconnected today. I had about 8 txt messages to reply to lol!  I woke up this morning with every intention of going to my maths class…. I… Continue Reading “Do what you gotta do!”

rapid cycling!

So my mood has been all over the fucking place today! Severely depressed the start of the day, majorly fucked off and angry!  Watched a few films, cleaned up, did a load of washing, cleaned out the kitty litter. Got some chips fordinner, but… Continue Reading “rapid cycling!”

1st proper day at the day hospital….

Well the day hospital was a pile of shit! It took an hour just to go and collect everyone! Got there at 11am, people had tea and that. We did an hour session we did a wheel thing where we had to indicate where… Continue Reading “1st proper day at the day hospital….”

1st day at the day hospital

So it was my 1st day at the day hospital today and as it was Sunday there was only 2 other patients and 2 nurses. We made cakes, had lunch, decorated cakes, played charades, but the 2 other patients were men and clearly depressed… Continue Reading “1st day at the day hospital”