Month: October 2012

<3 you dad. Working hard! x

I’ve not really posted on here for the last few days as I have been out and about having great fun with Roxy pops.  Yesterday was the 1st year anniversary of my dads death. The day wasn’t as bad as I thought it might… Continue Reading “<3 you dad. Working hard! x”

Decorating the SHIT outta my place ;)

Had my 1:1 session today, which was good as she helped me to identify the DBT skills that I have actually been using, as I know I am doing the skills, but I find it hard to sometime know what it is as some… Continue Reading “Decorating the SHIT outta my place ;)”

feeling down :(

For some reason I had mega trouble getting to sleep last night, which was making me so frustrated, but I think it was because I have a few things on my mind troubling me. Had maths class this morning. Man that was a struggle… Continue Reading “feeling down :(“

Feeling rested x

I didn’t end up going to maths class this morning, I just woke up feeling so tired and poorly. I ended up just having a nap after breakfast for a few hours. I think I needed it. I took everything off my walls, ready… Continue Reading “Feeling rested x”

Great day :) x

Had a great day with Respected and my mate N and her wife T. T is over from Australia she goes back on Friday.  We walked through Bournemouth gardens and fed some cute lil squirrels, then we went to the Oceanarium and looked round… Continue Reading “Great day 🙂 x”

Feeling blessed

Well Friday was a mega busy day, but I loved every minute of it.  I met my friend S and her lil man Harry in town and I took her shopping. I made sure her and the kids had nice warm clothes ans shoes… Continue Reading “Feeling blessed”

Great group session :)

I really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. It was such a horrible morning! (weather wise) So I had another half an hour in bed as I decided to get a taxi to group lol. Took my time getting ready,cuz I… Continue Reading “Great group session :)”

Working hard

I’m working hard at my DBT, as I am determined to have the BPD taken off my diagnosis so I can then concentrate on dealing with my bipolar.  Since my dad died I have tried to make the most of every day. It’s not… Continue Reading “Working hard”

sick and tired

Had an ok day. Maths class was ok, well until we had to get into groups. I got stuck with the posh girl… So I sat an supervised! lol…Didn’t feel like playing nicely this morning! Then went to get the bus home and the… Continue Reading “sick and tired”

Looking after myself! x

I have had a good weekend 🙂 Yesterday (never) Respected and I went into town and had a look around the shops. I got some comics and booked in my next bit of my tank girl back piece. That’s all booked in for the… Continue Reading “Looking after myself! x”