Month: November 2012

getting there

Last night was a struggle. I was the closest to cutting, closer then I have been in a long time. I just can’t get it out of my head and it’s driving me insane, despite desperately doing every single skill I can. I managed… Continue Reading “getting there”

just no words

Carpets didn’t go down today. How I didn’t go completely mental in anger I do not know! I did tell them several times before hand that my carpets are properly glued to the floor, but no they didn’t come equipped. So I moved the… Continue Reading “just no words”

No harm so far

I’m still here, managed not to harm myself so far. Just feeling a bit lonely…. as in I’m sick of being single. It’s been so long which isn’t like me to be single for this long… Maybe I’m growing up I don’t know, but… Continue Reading “No harm so far”

Walking with my dark passenger!

Had a good day with a friend. We went xmas shopping. It was good I managed to finish off my shopping. My heart just feels so empty inside, no matter what I do, even if I do kind things for people, I feel nothing.… Continue Reading “Walking with my dark passenger!”

Don’t seem to be moving forward….

Well I’ doing everything I can, I have a daily routine, I get up around the same time each day, I have a proper breakfast, I fill my day with positive activities, I do my skills, I have a good bed time routine, I… Continue Reading “Don’t seem to be moving forward….”

Doing ok…

Feeling slightly better today. But I still got a taxi to group as I find mornings hard to get going. But I had already decided I was going to get the bus back, as I had things to do in town.  Group was good… Continue Reading “Doing ok…”

The troubles with W.G…….

Well not posted on this journal for a while, but I will today as I have been feeling so so poorly and I’m finding it so hard to cope with along with my mental health. So I’ve probably been going down hill with the… Continue Reading “The troubles with W.G…….”


Well another day of feeling so so poorly, but have been resting and looking after myself by drinking plenty of fluids and resting, sleeping and eating proper meals. Mentally I feel totally battered down by it all. But I’m sure that’s just the physical… Continue Reading “Struggling”


Not a good day. Been feeling so flipping poorly, I just cannot wait for my specialist appointment next week. I am sick to death of feeling so ill! My legs are heavy, I’m exhausted, I’m in pain, my chest hurts e.t.c 😦  Mentally feeling… Continue Reading “:(“


Not written for a while, because I just haven’t really known what to say. Just been feeling down, ill and a little out of sorts.  Group was difficult on Thursday, 1 person walked out and 2 people cried, I was like fuck pull yourself… Continue Reading “Sad”