Month: January 2013

Can’t stop crying! :'(

Oh I forgot to mention yesterday that my girl now has my spare keys to my flat 🙂 Eeek she used them to come in to see me this morning! mega happy about that! So I pretty much cried myself to sleep last night,… Continue Reading “Can’t stop crying! :'(“

Screw you anxiety!

Today has been good. But a massive bag of emotions, that I cannot get a handle on and it is driving me insane! So I have been up on and off since 5am! Eventually getting out of bed at 7am because I needed to… Continue Reading “Screw you anxiety!”

Mood lifting :)

Well today for a Monday has been ok.  I got up early just incase my gf came over after dropping her daughter at school. But she didn’t so I just went back to sleep on the sofa on and off till 1pm. I sat… Continue Reading “Mood lifting :)”


By the time I got home last night and wrote on here and took my meds and tried to wind down it was about 2am! I was up this morning by 9:20am! WTF Lol! Went into the lounge and curled up on the sofa… Continue Reading “Tired!”


Well I can well and truly say, today has been the longest day EVER! It has been extremely challenging and stressful, I won’t for certain reason go into detail of the situation. But I used my DEAR MAN, FAST and GIVE skills. Myself respect… Continue Reading “STRESS!”

URGH! Tired!

Yea yesterday was HARD!  Today was ok. Group was hard as I was so tired, even though I was probably asleep by just gone 10:30pm. It was so hard to concentrate, plus it was really warm in there! So I just spent the whole… Continue Reading “URGH! Tired!”


Well my hospital trip wasn’t what I 1st expected lol. I just thought I’d have to take my top and bra off….. But NO! I had to strip down to boxers and socks! and put a gown thing on. Then the next thing the… Continue Reading “Scanned!”


Well after yet another invalidating appointment with the person that is meant to be looking after my mental well being. I am still feeling so depressed. Like giving up, what’s the fucking point type of depressed! and not one single person seems to actually… Continue Reading “Depressed!”

Snow day!

Mood has lifted a little now. I’ve been working hard at reducing my vulnerability, which has worked.  I’ve kept myself busy. I’ve watched lots of film today as my cable is still out, only thing about living in a flat is I can’t get… Continue Reading “Snow day!”

reducing vulnerability

Group went well today. It was the last day for 2 group members and a therapist. The therapist was only there for a year as her full time job is working in mental hospital, but she just wanted to learn what DBT was about,… Continue Reading “reducing vulnerability”