Month: May 2013

Big achievement :)

Another un-planned yet epic day!  Woke up just after 10:30 am. Had something to eat, had a shower and got dressed. Pottered about got some DVD’s together that I no longer want. Took Foxy girl for a wee, then went over to CEX and… Continue Reading “Big achievement :)”

I will rise again! <3

I saw this and it really struck a cord – I am wounded but not slain. I shall lay me down and rest a while. And then I will rise and fight again. I will rise again! You can’t keep this tank girl down I… Continue Reading “I will rise again! <3”

Mixed bag of shit

Today has been a mixed bag of feelings. I didn’t get to sleep till gone 3am I then woke up at about 9:40am. I went and met the girls for a drink and a natter.  Just relaxed this afternoon because I was so so… Continue Reading “Mixed bag of shit”

Good Tuesday

Today has been good. I went for a cooked breakfast this morning! Man I cannot get enough of cooked breakfasts lol. Then I got a bit of food shopping. Feeling a bit flat today……hard to explain, just feel a bit low.  One of my… Continue Reading “Good Tuesday”

Monday again

I struggled to get up and moving this morning, but once I got going I was ok. Maths class was hard! It’s funny the harder you work the more tired it makes you…. Is that normal lol.  After maths I just relaxed at home… Continue Reading “Monday again”

Finally rested

Friday 10th May – It was a long difficult day.  I had my 1st session at the bipolar course. It went ok, we just went over group rules and learned a bit about everyone there. A few of them seemed a bit “weird” one… Continue Reading “Finally rested”

Tried to rest!

Well yesterday was cool. I met up with my friends in the morning and went for a nice cooked breakfast 🙂 then we went to costa for a bit, where I managed to get a little bit burnt. So I went home and put… Continue Reading “Tried to rest!”

Not a bad day. Had a little bump,

Not a bad day. Had a little bump, but I got over it. I went for a nice cooked breakfast 🙂 which I think I deserved after doing so well in general. I then got my foxy girl and met up with my brother… Continue Reading “Not a bad day. Had a little bump,”

Epic session!

This morning yet again I was the only one that turned up the the Thai boxing sess. It was with a lady today as R went out last night lol. But man did she work me hard! but it was fucking epic. I had… Continue Reading “Epic session!”

Relaxing day

Today’s been nice and relaxing. I got up this morning and chilled out in front of the T.V watching good old Jeremy Kyle, who always makes me feel better about myself lol. I then sat for just just over an hour and filled out… Continue Reading “Relaxing day”