Month: August 2013

Just coping

Managed to get myself to bed at a reasonable time last night, well before 2 am anyways. Slept ok-ish. I even managed to get up this morning in time to eat, shower, dress and take foxy for a wee. I’ve been so lucky that… Continue Reading “Just coping”

psych app

So my p-doc app went really well…. which was such a surprise! I went in with a plan with what I wanted from it and got it too. He’s put in a request for me to get a CPN for 6 sessions to come… Continue Reading “psych app”

Still going

Today at work we moved office and did a bit of work, I also got my manager to do my h/w sheet from the basic couselling skills course. I had to get someone to fill in a sheet about my body language and I… Continue Reading “Still going”

Pretty chilled :)

Took my time to get up and ready this morning, which was nice. Although I woke up with a massive head ache and puffy eyes as I cried myself to sleep last night ( was having a bit of and emotional wobble, stupid period) … Continue Reading “Pretty chilled :)”

Busy lil tank girl

Today has been long but good. Slept fairly ok last night, when I finally got to sleep at nearly 1 am. 10 am- 1 pm Was my basic counselling skills course, which was really interesting and nice to work with my old counsellor again.… Continue Reading “Busy lil tank girl”

A bit manic :)

I managed to get up this morning despite not getting to sleep till just gone 1 am this morning. I went along to the office thinking we were doing admin work, but we did some team building exercises which was much more interesting and… Continue Reading “A bit manic :)”