Month: September 2013

Poorly tank girl :(

Well I’ve not been on for a few days, mainly because I’ve been feeling poorly. Friday 27th I started my new dose of methotrexate. I went from taking 22.5mgs to taking 25mgs which is maximum dose.  I woke up at about 9:30 am and… Continue Reading “Poorly tank girl :(“

Relaxing and reflecting

Today I’ve just spent relaxing and reflecting. I woke up at about 9:30 am and had some ready brek for breakfast 🙂 and just chilled out watching t.v till midday. I was all snuggled up on the sofa with my fur babies, it was… Continue Reading “Relaxing and reflecting”

:( Struggling….

Appointment was a complete waste of time!! There is thickening on the lining of the inside of my nose, but air is still getting through, so there is no need to do anything!! Utter bollox!! Its really bad on the left hand side. But… Continue Reading “:( Struggling….”

Proud dog owner :)

Had a slow start to the day, just chilled out sleeping mainly lol!  Then I took my foxy girl for a walk, which took about 2 hours as we had to stop at say hello to nearly every dog and person! We got to… Continue Reading “Proud dog owner :)”

Hospital appointment

Woke up at a reasonable time again this morning and had some yummy ready brek 🙂 But for some reason I over indulged and kept eating even though I was full….Kinda of just did it without really being mindful of what I was doing.… Continue Reading “Hospital appointment”

A productive start to another week…

I have had a productive start to the week.  I woke up at a reasonable time of 9:15 am and I had some porridge for breakfast, I then cracked on with the house work. Feel so much better now the flat is clean and… Continue Reading “A productive start to another week…”

Been a bit stressful, but trying to get back on track…

I was in a foul mood on Friday as some stupid bitch on fb hacked me off. Long story cut short, I had posted a funny youtube video on my profile, it was a song about woman and their “camel toes” myself and my… Continue Reading “Been a bit stressful, but trying to get back on track…”

Unexpected but good day

Today was good an unexpected. I got up at about 8:30 am and cleaned up the flat as is was a bit messy and stinky (cat litter boxes) Had breakfast and got showered and dressed and took my foxy pup for a wee. Chilled… Continue Reading “Unexpected but good day”

Yesterday was a long but good day

I’ve had a long tiring day. But its been good. Albert was such a good boy for me, he ate, slept, woke up for cuddle,a butt change and another bottle, then slept some more. Harvey’s dentist app went well, he was put to sleep… Continue Reading “Yesterday was a long but good day”

Good day :)

Didn’t sleep very well last night, woke up feeling just as tired as when I went.  Got up at about 8:30 am, had a shower and got dressed. Had something to eat for breakfast. Took my foxy girl for a wee and gave them… Continue Reading “Good day :)”