Month: November 2013

Depressed and fed up

Update. Wednesday – What can I say…. I woke up in absolute agony with my joints from my lower back, hips, knees and feet. So I had breakfast and took some pain killers. I took foxy for a wee and came back and chilled… Continue Reading “Depressed and fed up”

A very achy tanky girl!

I can’t think straight at the moment, in agony with my joints! I really need pain medication and a nice hot shower, but got a few bits to do before I can jump in the shower. I was rudely awoken this morning by miss… Continue Reading “A very achy tanky girl!”

Depressing start to the week :(

Woke up early for my MRI scan… man getting up at 7 am is really not fun! Took 15 mind to remove all my piercings and that. Got the the hospital for just after 8 am. Got a bit lost trying to find where… Continue Reading “Depressing start to the week :(“

Great weekend :D

I have had such a great weekend and I have spent it with my mum and Colin.  Last night I turned the t.v off about 12 am…. then foxy started freaking out! OMG sent my heart racing. She got all agitated and started running… Continue Reading “Great weekend :D”

Tank girl catch up :)

Thursday – I had my CPN appointment and it went well…. Apart from I forgot to take my folder with all the stuff from the bipolar course in lol! So kind of a wasted journey. Later on it that day my mate and I… Continue Reading “Tank girl catch up :)”

Challenging my fears :)

Today has been long. But I will start with last night Last night I had a really good bed time routine. I think I might try and do this every night. Before taking foxy for a wee, I put on my heating in the… Continue Reading “Challenging my fears :)”


Last night I tried to challenge my night time fears. One of my fears is that I have to have my feet covered, so last night I tried to keep one foot out from under my covers. It was hard and scary, but I… Continue Reading “FED UP!”

Depression setting in

Feel like fucking SHIT!  Woke up around midday. My mate got up not long after me. Got him to help me clean up. He went off to work, I had a shower and got dressed, took foxy for a wee… urgh I felt so… Continue Reading “Depression setting in”

Deep rooted nightmares

I didn’t sleep too well again last night, but I was so tired. My brain forced me awake and I couldn’t get comfortable on my left side facing the door. I didn’t want to but I eventually fell asleep facing the wall as it… Continue Reading “Deep rooted nightmares”

Sleepy Saturday

I don’t have a copy of my WRAP atm…. it still needs a few bits to finish it off. Had fuck all sleep last night. Just too scared to fall asleep, just had kids films running all night. I was still awake when my… Continue Reading “Sleepy Saturday”