Sleepy sleepy sleepy *yawn*

I was going to take foxy out today, but I have just been so exhausted! stupid period and maybe a cold coming on has just totally wiped me out.

Woke up around 10 am, came into the lounge and had breakfast, then fell back to sleep till about 1 pm.

I had a shower and got dressed, took my foxy for a wee. Dropped her back, then went into town to see if I could get anything with the vouchers I got for Christmas. Animal didn’t have anything and HMV was so busy I couldn’t stay in there long. I felt so weak and dizzy. So I just walked back through town and nipped into Asda and got a few bits.

I got in and swapped my jeans for pj bottoms. Made myself some lunch and snuggled up on the sofa and watched the Doctor Who Christmas special. I did like it, but it wasn’t as good as some Christmas specials. I thought the regeneration bit could have been better. But Goodbye raggedy man! My favourite Doctor ❤ 

Afterwards I put something on the TV and I just felt so exhausted I snuggled back up on the sofa and fell asleep for about 2 hours. I must of needed it. I woke up feeling achy, tired and full of cold. I’m chesty again and I’m not sure if its earache or just eczema in my ears playing up or a bit of both. 

I then put the oven on pre-heat, took some pain killers and put on a dvd. Dinner was nice, but my head was hurting and made me feel sick :/ 

Just sat watching TV this evening and playing FB games. I really don’t feel too good and I am just so tired! Feel like I could sleep for the next week lol. 

Well I tried to do something nice, but it wasn’t taken that way. Ages ago I made up a fb profile to contact D about the money thing. I thought while J blocked me I sent her a message from this fake profile saying hope she had a good Christmas etc. But omg she has just threatened me with the police… not sure what for lol. Apparently I did something to her art page… all I have done is share her work…oooh so bad lol. It’s so sad she has to be like this. I am now blocked. I have done nothing wrong and she has no proof other wise she would prove it to me like I have asked! It’s just so pathetic. I really have NO idea what the problem is I really don’t. I am totally innocent! It’s a shame really, but I’m not going to hold hate or a grudge about it. She’s obviously has issues that she needs to work through. 

Not really got plans for tomorrow, depends if my money goes in or not, a few friends have had trouble with their payments. But fingers crossed it will go in ok. 

Going to use my slow cooker tomorrow and make chicken casserole. If I do get paid I am going to get some bits to make beef casserole, not made that in ages. 

Peace out

Tank girl x

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