Falling down that dark hole

Not sure where to start.

Did the usual waking up, watching tv and having breakfast thing. And fell back to sleep for a bit. Stupid periods make me so tired and I’m all chesty and coughing up shit again. 

Got up about 12 pm ish. Showered, dressed. Took foxy out for a wee and she had a little run about 🙂 I dropped her home and sorted out my chicken casserole in my new slow cooker and went into town to pay bills and pick up a few bits and bobs. I got a dvd and some t-shirts with the vouchers I got for Christmas 🙂 and I bought foxy a new little hoodie! 

Got back and put my shopping away. Then just chilled out the rest of the evening, waiting for my casserole to cook. 

Feeling all snotty and chesty again and my ears hurt 😦 Will see if I can get a doctors appointment on Monday. 

The casserole was ok, but the stock wasn’t strong enough so didn’t taste to great. Going to try beef casserole tomorrow. 

Feeling so down about this whole J thing…. 😦 I don’t know what to do. 

Not sure what to do tomorrow, got a few things in my mind that I could do, but not sure if I can even be bothered! I want to get up early, get the food from asda that I need to make the beef casserole and put that on, then take foxy for a nice walk and then come back and start sorting though my stuff and my paper work. Perfect Sunday. But all I really want to do is hide in bed and cry! The reality is I will probably just take foxy for a wee, get stuff for dinner and do nothing…. 

Looks like I will be spending new years the same way I started this year. On my own with my babies. Have asked a few friends what they are doing, but they are busy. Mind with everything going on with J atm I don’t want to see anybody, less stress and worry. Least if I am alone I won’t hurt anyone. :/

Feeling pretty fucking shit! 

Tank girl


2 Comments on “Falling down that dark hole

  1. 😦 sorry! Seems like crazy misunderstanding. I loathe this part of Fbk. I quit Fbk some mos back bc I felt like such a child…I was constantly worked up.
    I hope you feel better about this soon, tho.

  2. I think she is just listening to idol gossip, I don’t get why people make up lies about each other, its not school! I like facebook, because I like chatting to people who have the same problems as me etc it is a useful tool. Just a few idiots ruin it. I’m feeling better today thank you.

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