Good Sunday :)

Last night was NOT cool! 1st I got woken up because I was laying on my back…for some reason it always wakes me up, then about 5 minutes later then main fire alarm went off! OMG it is SO loud! but did I get up… did I FUCK! I was nice, warm and snug in bed lol, like fuck was I going outside, beside if there was a fire then the firemen would knock on the door to get me out. It was something stupid like 4 am! Anyway the firemen finally came and the alarm was turned off! And not a moment too soon, its SO loud I hate it. I finally got back off to sleep, it took me ages to get off in the 1st place because I felt sick, from the tail end of a migraine. 

I woke up around 11 am… man I didn’t want to leave my bed! But got up and flopped on the sofa for a bit, just to wake up…. well try too lol. Finally got off my ass and had breakfast…. I think I need to start having readybrek in the morning again, it fills me up for longer… anyway I got showered and dressed and made a little shopping list of the things I needed for the beef casserole and nipped to the shop. 

Got back and put the shopping away, it was too late in the day to cook it for 8 hours, so I got foxy ready in her new hoodie and OMG was she excited to go out lol, she shot to the front door like a little rocket dog 🙂 I think she wanted to go for a walk.

We headed out and we were out and about for 2 hours. We walked down to the Quay and through Baiter. I was going to go around the lake at the park, but we got to the under past and well it was like a swimming pool! I started to walk through it, but it got deep real quickly lol, so we had to cut our walk short and just go home. But that was ok as it was getting cold and time was getting on. 

Got home and I washed my hands and chopped up the onions and red peppers and shoved everything in the slow cooker, stirred well and put it on for 4 hours 🙂 Now this is my kind of cooking! I struggle to stand for long periods of time cooking a meal just for me, so being able to just chop stuff up and throw it in for a few hours is awesome 🙂 I ordered myself a slow cooker cook book. 

Just been chilling out this afternoon, watching films and stuff. I think I am going to try and have an early night as its like 8 pm now and I am totally ready for bed lol.  Foxy is currently licking Gizmo on his face… he doesn’t mind, its so cute to watch. 

Tomorrow I am going to have myself some readybrek for breakfast because I am trying to lose some weight so want to try and eat a bit better. So yeah I want to try and have 3 meals a day and try not to snack in between. Also need to get back into a routine of going to bed at a reasonable time and getting up at a reasonable time. I’ve been going to bed so late and getting up late in the day, I feel like I’ve wasted a day getting up so late. 

Tomorrow the plan is to get up, have breakfast, clean this shit pit of a flat! and if its not pissing down with rain, then I’m going to take foxy girl for a walk and if its raining, then I may just have to relax with my fur babies, maybe play some xbox and nap. Or I can do a bit of everything 🙂 

Here’s some pictures from Christmas and boxing day.

 My mum and Jack

 My presents 

 Foxy’s new Adidas style hoodie! 🙂

Peace out

Tank girl ❤

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