It’s been a productive day 🙂 got so many exciting things coming up. 

My alarm did go off this morning and I had every intent to get up, but as soon as I heard that wind and rain I snuggled back in for a few more hours lol. Mr postman woke me up, I was excited as it was the T-shirt I had ordered for my friend, but once I had opened it I was pretty disappointed as it was tiny! It was meant to be a ladies large, but looked like a kids t-shirt, so got straight on to them an emailed them to say I was not happy! It wasn’t cheap either. So awaiting a reply from them. 

I surveyed the state of the flat and did NOT know where to start, my heads been so buzzing lately I just wanted to do it all lol. But I used my mindfulness skills just to calm my head down and complete one task at a time. It was hard work, but eventually the flat all got cleaned. As I was cleaning I had a brilliant idea! and have since put that idea into action. I was thinking about all the stuff I have and that I need a proper sort through, but instead of selling it for my own gain, I decided to have like a coffee morning to sell cakes and biscuits and have a bit of a rummage sale in order to raise money for a charity called Vasculitis UK, which is a charity that helps raise awareness for people like me who have different forms of vasculitis conditions. So I got straight on it and made an event for it on FB and contacted a few friends and family members to see if they have anything to donate and one friend is lending me a few hours to help with making cakes and biscuits and just to get everything ready. I am going to have an open house for the whole weekend and every penny I raise will go to this charity. I have also decided that in the new year I am going to try and do more to raise money for this charity. 

After all the excitement of my little buzzing head, I got showered and dressed and had cheesy beans on toast for lunch. Then I said to fox do you want to go for a walk and OMG did that pup get excited lol. So got us ready and we went for a walk, it wasn’t a long walk, we were only out for about an hour.

Got back and chilled out, my brain still going at a million miles an hour. But watched a few films on tv. I do need to write a list of everything I need to do for this fund raiser, its not till the 18th, but I will do a list soon. I need to do a few lists and get myself organized! Got so much to do and plan, so many things in my head. But I need to take it easy lol. I am going to do my weekly routine sheets again to get me back on track. But pointless doing this until the first full proper week of the new year, because up until then things are still a bit up in the air. 

I am not spending new years alone! I am going to spend it with C and her bf 🙂 I cannot WAIT! should be fun.

New years day I am having baby Albert for the day 🙂 and I am having him on Saturday as well. I can’t wait. L needs a break from him as his dad isn’t being very helpful! So I am more then happy to have lil man. 

Feeling SO buzzed! 🙂 and so excited! I’ve got so much planned, so many exciting things going on. 

Pics from today’s walk

Peace out

Tank girl x


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