Month: January 2014

Sick and tired of always being sick and tired…

Last night was crap 😦 I was in bed by about midnight last night. I was looking at myself in the mirror and found yet another white hair! So I pulled it out. Lol. I put on Tangled but ended up watching the whole… Continue Reading “Sick and tired of always being sick and tired…”

Incredibly lazy day

I have been incredibly lazy today! 🙂 But fuck it!  Got woken up by the post man at about 10:30 am.. Jumped out of bed to answer the door. So yeah rudely awoken BUT I got my CSI…. I have all of them but… Continue Reading “Incredibly lazy day”

Blood, sleep and coughing…

I didn’t get to bed till about 1 am.. I slept REALLY well though. Didn’t get up till midday 🙂 Had something to eat and drink, got showered and dressed, took foxy for a wee, dropped her home, answered the 4 texts I woke… Continue Reading “Blood, sleep and coughing…”

Meds, blood and rock and roll!

I managed to have a good nights sleep last night, although I wish I could have slept longer. But for some reason I was up at 9:30 am, I had the cats crying at the bedroom door.  I sat on the sofa and watched… Continue Reading “Meds, blood and rock and roll!”

So poorly

So last night I was up with sickness and diarrhea, it was only for about 2 hours, but man I felt rough, puked up all my meds so hard slept a wink.  My heart kept feeling funny, I’m was going from hot and sweaty… Continue Reading “So poorly”

All sorts of cravings… WEEKEND!

I’ve had a good weekend… but to start.. I HATE METHOTREXATE! I thought I was over the side effects of the higher dose… It’s still making my burps taste SO gross and I’ve got tummy pains again tonight 😦 MEH So Saturday…Took me a… Continue Reading “All sorts of cravings… WEEKEND!”

Lazy day, self care

It’s been a real lazy day! 🙂 I didn’t wake up till about midday. I needed that sleep. I just chilled out watching CSI and snuggled on the sofa with my babies. It got to about 3pm-ish and I did the washing up, hoovered… Continue Reading “Lazy day, self care”

Tattoo time :D

I aimed to get to bed early last night….. but I failed. Ended up getting to bed just after midnight, then when in bed I got the giggles lol! ALWAYS happens when I’m tired and trying to sleep. But I went off eventually.  Woke… Continue Reading “Tattoo time :D”


OMG will my cravings ever STOP! lol. Can’t seem to stop gorging…only wish I was able to purge! but alas I HATE being sick! and my IBS has been playing up a treat this week so no help needed there atm. Main cravings are… Continue Reading “FOOD!”

2 appointment day!

Had my p-doc app and CPN app one after the other this morning. I struggled to get going. But I was early for the bus, so that’s cool.  My p-doc was good, he agreed to lower my Quetiapine to 300mgs to start with and… Continue Reading “2 appointment day!”