The start of another week

Well what have I done today…. I woke up early for some reason this morning, had nothing really to get up for. So watched a bit of tv before getting showered and dressed. Took foxy for a wee. It’s raining yet again today! ugh.

Had a look about the shops, got some electric and paid my rent. Got foxy a real cute hoodie 🙂 god my dog is spoilt lol. Went into the advice centre for a bit to catch up with everyone.

Went to the shop to get some cat food and something for dinner. 

Put my key into the electric meter and it came up as £20 which is what I put on there, but when it came up with the current balance it only came up as adding £10! WTF! so had to ring up the electric company, she took a meter reading and I’ve got to call back Wed/Thurs as then it will show on my balance what I put on or something… but yeah it will be sorted. 

Made pizza scrolls for dinner, which were yum. Didn’t have a lot though. Not really hungry.

Just been chilling out this evening, watched Childs play 3! 🙂 So funny. Mega obsessed! 

Bed time soon, its midnight here now! EEEEP! Got meds to sort out yet!

 My pup’s new coat 🙂

Peace out

Tank girl 

p.s this has taken like over an hour to write due to slipping in and out of reality 

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