Month: March 2014

Manic…Zzzzzzzz Mon…ooh look a penny..

I eventually got my clean on today! 🙂 So feel better for having done that, tidy house, tidy mind and all that.  My nose is red where I’ve been blowing it loads..I am feeling so run down again! still a bit chesty and very… Continue Reading “Manic…Zzzzzzzz Mon…ooh look a penny..”

Sleepy Sunday.. :D

Woohoo gay marriage is finally legal! 🙂 Sat here and I don’t even know what to say… So Saturday, pottered about in the morning. Saw my bestie at hospital in the afternoon. It was nice to see her and I really hope she gets… Continue Reading “Sleepy Sunday.. :D”

Got that Friday feeling :)

Today I’ve felt much better. I woke up with just enough time to, shower dress, eat a banana and get the bus to my O.T app.  I thought this was going to be useless… as I am already doing voluntary work and am going… Continue Reading “Got that Friday feeling :)”

Crazy head.

1 am… I really need to sleep, but I’ve got so much running through my head.  My thoughts are with a very close friend…I just wish things were different for her..  Work is good. I hope this O.T that I am seeing in the… Continue Reading “Crazy head.”

Tired and feeling weird.

Tuesday – Sammie got dropped off early. I tired to go back to sleep for a bit… but I couldn’t get back to sleep. I met up with a girl I had met online, that went really well, she’s really nice. I like making… Continue Reading “Tired and feeling weird.”

Ok start to the week

Well today I was out for 12 hours 😀 I think I needed it. I woke up at midday. I just sat chilling out on the sofa for most of the day, I didn’t really have the energy or motivation to do anything else.… Continue Reading “Ok start to the week”

Feeling ok…

So doc referred me back to the Thoracic medicine (chest doc) To look at my chest again and maybe my windpipe. Yeah just chatted about my treatment of my WG etc… so we’ll see how it all pans out. Spent Fri with L and… Continue Reading “Feeling ok…”

Mixed up day

What do I say about today…. Hmmm my chest is still bad! GAH! Docs tomorrow.  Sammie pup got dropped off this morning, man I love that pup. But I do think her daddies need to get her hearing tested as she’s not very responsive… Continue Reading “Mixed up day”

Mid-week burst of energy

Boom! Productive day despite feeling ill. S woke me up this morning with a phone call at 8:30am asking if I wanted to go for a walk… URM yeah that was a no lol. So I fell back to sleep until about midday. I… Continue Reading “Mid-week burst of energy”

Floaty tank….

Took me a while to get off to sleep last night. I was achy and couldn’t get comfy. But eventually the pain killers kicked in and I went to sleep. But it was a restless night.  Sammie got dropped off early this morning. I… Continue Reading “Floaty tank….”