Manic…Zzzzzzzz Mon…ooh look a penny..

I eventually got my clean on today! 🙂 So feel better for having done that, tidy house, tidy mind and all that. 

My nose is red where I’ve been blowing it loads..I am feeling so run down again! still a bit chesty and very snotty. GAH! I just wish to be well for longer then a week! 

I watched Carrie this afternoon, it was ok… really not as good as I was hoping, just glad I didn’t buy the dvd, just watched it on sky box office.

S locked himself out his flat lol, so he came here for a bit till he had to go pick up his hubby, so he could get in lol.

Nipped to Asda for a few bits. 

Had myself some actual dinner! I know shock horror lol and watched Frozen. I am in love with this film and the song Let It Go. 🙂 

Watched Our Gay Wedding: The Musical, so sweet 🙂 

Just been relaxing this evening. Head is buzzing full of STUFF! 

Its just gone midnight and my body wants to sleep, but I’m not sure what my mind wants to do… 

Batcat is annoying Miss moo, grr that boy needs his nuts off noisy cat lol.

Urgh feel like shit!

I finished reading my 1st book on my kindle! Ah I love it so much 😀

My ears are sore..

Peace out

Tank girl

2 Comments on “Manic…Zzzzzzzz Mon…ooh look a penny..

  1. Hope you feel better.
    I am printing out Let it Go sheet music right now for new voice student (age 9). She is in love with the song & sings it 16 times a day to practice at times, her mother says.
    I’ve just listened a handful of times & it is already stuck in my head.
    I loved Elsa’s character!

  2. Thank you 🙂
    Oh cool, I used to do singing lessons at school.
    I love Frozen so much, such a good film

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