Month: April 2014

Meds, sicky, sleepy me…

So not been about for a few days as my methotrexate has been messing with my stomach again. Monday – This was a busy day! I cleaned the flat and ended up staying the night at L’s as she had to take Albie up… Continue Reading “Meds, sicky, sleepy me…”

Tried, exhausted, sleepy..

Today I’ve felt loads better, just totally wiped out. But I made sure I didn’t nap today so I sleep well tonight… that is the plan! I was up and dressed by about 12 pm and put on my sausage and bean casserole in… Continue Reading “Tried, exhausted, sleepy..”

Sicky Saturday

I took the girls for a wee last night and felt ok-ish. I took my meds, but didn’t take the methotrexate, I don’t think my poor tummy could take it. I snuggled up in bed, but my tummy was really sore and I felt… Continue Reading “Sicky Saturday”

Poorly again… :/

Not sure where to begin… This week has been long and busy. But its been good.  Work had been good, we’ve got another busy month coming up though. Next weekend we are taking the young people camping, as we’ve been asked to help out… Continue Reading “Poorly again… :/”

Easter camping fun :)

Ok so Friday 18th April I went off camping with the 4 friends.  We went to Burnbake camp site in Swanage. Foxy and Sammie came too.  We got set up pretty quickly 🙂 it was such a nice afternoon.  It was such an amazing… Continue Reading “Easter camping fun :)”

Such a loser!

Didn’t get to sleep till gone 3:30 am!  I didn’t wake up till about 1 pm this afternoon. Done nothing but sit about and eat. No motivation at all. I’m so tired too.  Very frustrated.. I want a gf! so bad. I’m horny as… Continue Reading “Such a loser!”

Buz Buzz Buzzz Buzzzz

Last night I was in bed by 11 pm and I think I pretty much managed to sleep soon after.  I got up at a reasonable time this morning, had something to eat and just relaxed a bit. Did the usual morning routine and… Continue Reading “Buz Buzz Buzzz Buzzzz”

Why are Mondays always productive…

I’m really trying to sit and concentrate to write this. As I really want to get to bed early. I need to stop going to bed SO late! I didn’t get to sleep till gone 3:30 am this morning.  I forgotten I had set… Continue Reading “Why are Mondays always productive…”

Obsessions taking over..

Does obsession come under ADHD or bipolar… or just OCD on its own?! I keep getting REALLY obsessed with stuff and it really is interrupting daily life. Like right now I am watching a youtube video over and over and over, but I really… Continue Reading “Obsessions taking over..”

Mixed up weekend.

My lil chunk was good for my Fri night. He only stirred twice and was easy to settle back down. We got up at about 8 am, so that was cool. Not too early lol! We sat and watched Adventure time, he was glued.… Continue Reading “Mixed up weekend.”