Hyped up :D

Today didn’t go to plan, but I am so glad because it ended out being so funny.

I woke up at 8 am, showered and dressed and went to Asda for a cooked breakfast, it was so yum! Got a few drinks and got myself Frozed on DVD and got Harvey the DVD he wanted. Came back to the flat and took fox for a wee and dropped her back. G and S were running late lol, we picked up D on the way. We got to the place we were meant to be doing a course and we waited for a good hour lol, I think it came down to a miss communication… So we went to a cafe for a bit.

We dropped D back home and S and G came to mine to pick up Sammie, we sat and chatted for a bit, then we decided to take the dogs for a walk and OMG it was SO funny, playing on all the park equipment etc. There weren’t many people out as it was miserable out. But we had a good laugh and Sammie went off the lead for the 1st time! She did well.

After our walk we came back to mine and watched Frozen 🙂 LOVE this film so much.

Then we ended up running about in Tesco like nutters haha I got a few bits, so did they. Got dropped home, totally hyper lol! Just blowing up everyones fb with random shit! 😀 videos from today etc! 

Lost track of time and only had dinner when my stomach rumbled! Ate it all 🙂

Only had 2 and a half 500ml bottles of Pepsi today 🙂 So pleased with myself.

Oh ordered my food shopping online. Being delivered Monday.

It’s now 12:39am and I’m still up! I’m a bit hungry though so need to eat before I take my medication. A bit of cheese and crackers it is 🙂

Peace out

Tank girl

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