London Comic Con 14 AMAZING

Well what can I say about today! Really there are no words to describe how awesome today was! There was a lot of screaming and jumping about from me, oh and squealing hehe.

I was up at 5:45 am this morning, I literally jumped out of bed and into action! I had a shower and got dressed, had some breakfast, took foxy out for a wee and got by bag ready and I had a bit of time to chill out.

Got picked up at about 7:20 am by D and T and we set off to pick up D.S. All of us were pretty hyped up so spent all the trip up to London just chatting and getting even more excited. We did stop on the way for a wee break but we were soon back on the road.

We got to MCM Expo London Comic con at about 11 am and we headed over to find to how to get in, we got a bit lost to begin with, but once we found the right line and got in it, then the doors opened! We however were MILES from the front and we spent about 3 hours just waiting in line to get in. Time well spent though.

Finally got into the main place and just wow! I was SO overwhelmed! There were just thousands and thousands of people, so many of whom just had epic costumes! It was noisy, there was so many places to look! It was just sensory overload. So we tried to go around the whole place bit by bit and I think we managed to see everything. 

I am so glad I had a decent amount of money to spoil myself with 🙂 I got so many awesome things. 

A list of things I bought

1: I got a picture with the Doctor Who Tardis

2: Joker comic

3: Jake cake 

4: Steampunk goggles 

5: The most awesome Batman backpack EVER

6: Adventure time T-shirt

7: Adventure time Sword 

8: Adventure time card holder

9: 2 batman posters signed by a guy who does art work for transformers 

10: Adventure time book

😀 Money well spent. 

We sat down to eat at about 4pm! Man I was ready to drop by then. I so needed to sit down and eat! Had a look at our bits that we had all got and I think by far my batman bag was the best! Had another little look about as time was getting on. Then D and I decided to go sit in the car as we were starting to hurt etc. So D.S and T went their separate ways and finished looking around while D and I headed to the car.

Got to the car and sorted out stuff out, took my shoes off and took some pain relief and got myself comfy. Was great to sit down lol. It wasn’t long till T and then D.S came back. Had a little look at what the boys had got, then we started our journey back home. 

We stopped half way to have dinner. I had KFC but didn’t really eat mine, I was too hyper to eat and not that hungry. So set off again, for the other half of the journey home. I felt a bit sick on the way back, I think it was a mixture of being hot, not really eating much all day, bouncing about with excitement all day and it being heavy food on my stomach. Dropped D.S home 1st and luckily it wasn’t too much further to drop me back. 

Got in about 10 pm and I had one very happy puppy dog! wow was great to see her and be out of the car. I pretty much felt better straight away. 

I took my foxy girl out for a walk, we did a few circles of the green as she had been in all day. 

When we got in she headed to the bedroom and I let her in. I got a few bits and joined her in the bedroom. I took pictures of all the things I had bought. I have decided that I am going to wear my batman bag and steampunk goggles all the time as they are simply awesome. I uploaded pictures to FB and chatted to a few friends. 

I am now still hyper lol. I am hoping to sleep really well tonight and not get up too early… then I am going to clean up and do laundry! and if the weather is nice and I feel ok, then I am going to take my foxy girl for a nice walk. 

 Steampunk goggles 😀

Batman backpack complete with utility belt, wings and hood 😀 The best bag in the world! I am in LOVE! 

Peace out

Tank girl ❤

2 Comments on “London Comic Con 14 AMAZING

  1. Thank you 🙂 I’ll be going there again! Felt great to be around like minded people

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