Month: June 2014

Just ok

Well I had a shit nights sleep last night. I was up and down all night. I even tired to just rest, but I was still aware of the t.v being on etc…  I cleaned up a bit this afternoon, not that much needed… Continue Reading “Just ok”

Super weekend :) <3

Well I had a great day Saturday with L and Harvey 🙂 We met up about 11 am and headed down the the Quay. The weather was pretty perfect actually, it wasn’t raining but it wasn’t too hot either. I don’t like to sit… Continue Reading “Super weekend 🙂 <3”

Dark passenger is no longer

So I don’t remember falling asleep last night, so yeah I slept ok. But however I was up at a stupid hour AGAIN. I bounced out of bed at about 7 am…. I mean seriously wtf is up with that?! It keeps happening! But… Continue Reading “Dark passenger is no longer”

Nothing but the darkness

Last night was horrible. It took me ages to get to sleep. I was so agitated, I was exhausted but I just couldn’t relax! Was so frustrating. I slept in the end, don’t know what time. But when I woke up I felt as… Continue Reading “Nothing but the darkness”

Slow… go….

Today it took me ages to get going! The flat was a mess and I knew I needed to sort it out, but just couldn’t get it done. When I did get myself up and ready it was time to go and meet this… Continue Reading “Slow… go….”

Tired tank girl

Right lets try and formulate proper sentences in order to explain a few things on here. I’ve not been about for a while, because my mood has been extremely low and my physical health hasn’t been so good. So my O.T appointment was shocking.… Continue Reading “Tired tank girl”


Last night it took me ages to get to sleep! URGH! but I was so tired! So annoying. But after much agitation I got to sleep. Not sure what time, but it was gone midnight.  I was rudely awoken at 9:30 am by drilling…… Continue Reading “Meh………….”

Frustrated and crazy

Well thankfully today I didn’t dive out of bed at the crack of dawn! I woke up around 10 am, so more reasonable then yesterday. I just lazed about on the sofa… Real lack of motivation today. But I had a dentist app and… Continue Reading “Frustrated and crazy”

Insane brain!

I freaking hate my brain! I literally leaped out of bed at 5:45 am! I mean really wtf! I didn’t need to be up till 7 am. I was pretty much bouncing off the walls… Ugh  Sammy got dropped off at 7:30 am. I… Continue Reading “Insane brain!”

Dolly Parton

Well yesterday was epic! I woke up to a phone call from my friend D he asked me if I wanted to go and see Dolly Parton in Liverpool. At 1st I said no because I had no money. But I thought about it… Continue Reading “Dolly Parton”