Last night it took me ages to get to sleep! URGH! but I was so tired! So annoying. But after much agitation I got to sleep. Not sure what time, but it was gone midnight. 

I was rudely awoken at 9:30 am by drilling… you may think that really isn’t early but it was freaking LOUD! gah

So I was up UP! I ate a few crackers, got showered and dressed, took fox out for a wee, went to the bank, jumped on the bus to bmth. There was only 1 shop I wanted to go in to get more vest tops. Then got the bust right back home. 

Meh…can’t be bothered to write.

This afternoon consisted of smashing up my coconut and eating most of it 🙂 (this may of kicked off my IBS) Watched crappy tv. Just led on the sofa. Hung up my adventure time sword. Just doing nothing tbh. 

Rang my nan… bro had been bugging me too. TBF I should ring them at least once a week.

Mum rang the home phone asks if I’m home…SMH! lol go for a little walk with fox. 

Didn’t eat till way gone 9 pm… stomach didn’t like.. me either really, eating was more of a chore…

Mood I suppose could be described as low..

Watching the football tomorrow with friends, should be fun.

Peace out

Tank girl

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