Tired tank girl

Right lets try and formulate proper sentences in order to explain a few things on here. I’ve not been about for a while, because my mood has been extremely low and my physical health hasn’t been so good.

So my O.T appointment was shocking. I apologised for missing my last appointment and she said that’s ok, but its not like you – my case and point! that I’m not well…. I explained about not going back to volunteering and she just said oh well there’s no real point in seeing me again then… :/ smh. I was trying to explain what has been going on for me lately and she wasn’t listening and for the 1st time ever! I sat and cried my eyes out in front of her because I was so frustrated! I was in there for over an hour and she just kept talking to me like a child! Kept going on about having a routine, but I kept saying I am trying my best to do all that, but apparently it wasn’t good enough. She kept saying you got to take your medication.. I was like I AM! URGH so yeah she’s a fucking DICK! I came out feeling like utter crap! I went to see my GP later that day and I felt totally validated by him, he said well you have got a lot going on with your physical health and mental health. Which is really true and so sweet of him to say.

Saturday L and the boys came over and we hung out for a bit. Then went for lunch and D met us there. We all went down to the quay for Harry Paye day, which is a day about pirates. It was great fun, we dressed up and there was loads to look at and do. We only spent a few hours down there as it was so hot, so spent the afternoon relaxing at mine. H came over as well. It was really nice to spend time with my favourite people. Its so nice to have such a great group of friends. I had little Albie for the weekend. 

Sunday D came over and he helped me with Albie while I got ready. We went into town for a bit and took Albie to the park. It was so hot. I got a bit of heat stroke, so wasn’t feeling so good. I was glad when Albie went to bed lol, so I could rest and try and feel better.I did feel ok in the end.

Monday I took Albie bear home and hung out with L for a bit, which was cool. I went to phones for you on my way home and came out with a new phone 😀 I love it! I have missed having an android! Needless to say I spent the evening playing on it. I got the new HTC one Mini 2, its amazeballs! As yesterday evening went on I felt so poorly. My head was sore, I hurt all over and I was totally wiped out. So I took pain killers and went to bed.

Slept really well last night, I didn’t get up properly until 11:30 am! and I was still tired. I got showered and dressed and took foxy up to see my friend F and her little boy Raff. It was nice just to hang out. I got home at about 2:30 pm had lunch and ended up falling asleep for a few hours. Just been chilling, playing on my new phone, got a few bits at Asda. Can’t wait for Sammy to go home so I can get to bed! 

Right now mentally I am not really doing much better… I can do stuff with friends and be happy, but everything is an effort…etc. Physically I am exhausted and so achy. 

Peace out

Tank girl

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