Super weekend :) <3

Well I had a great day Saturday with L and Harvey 🙂 We met up about 11 am and headed down the the Quay. The weather was pretty perfect actually, it wasn’t raining but it wasn’t too hot either. I don’t like to sit out in the heat so it was really nice. Harvey had a FAB time. We caught 22 crabs and a fish. He was well impressed. He asked if he could keep one as a pet lol. It was such a good laugh. We dropped the fishing stuff back at mine and headed back out for lunch… mmm KFC 🙂 we had a look around the shops. I bought L a batman jumper! Hehe we got matching jumpers now. Love treating her and the boys. We went to the park and Harvey had fun running about playing. We walked around the lake going on all the exercise things 🙂 and we saw lots of different birds and their babies. Walked them to the nearest bus stop and I headed home myself. 

I went to Asda to pick up some food. Came home and chilled out a bit. S picked up me and foxy girl and we had a good evening there 🙂 

Today has been good. I’ve been in and out of sleep for most of the day, which has been nice and much needed after yesterday. I took out fox for a wee, brought her back and went back into town. I got some stuff to de-scale my shower head as it really needed doing and treated myself to some sweeties and two DVD’s The Incredible’s and season one of Adventure time 🙂 On my way home I saw a baby deer, poor thing was terrified. But I rung the police as she was near a main roundabout and didn’t want anyone getting hurt. I don’t know what happened but hopefully she was ok. 

I spent the rest of the day watching Disney films and having a good sing along too 🙂 hehe. 

So yeah its been a good day and I deffo needed to take time to look after me. My tooth has been hurting again today. I need to go back to the docs for more antibiotics. I’ve been really achy all day and felt a bit run down.

It is not 1:30 am and I am sat watching Law and Order SVU 🙂 I’m starting to feel a bit tired now. Might go to bed soon. 

Mentally I am feeling good today, so that’s a nice break from the recent darkness. 

Peace out

Tank girl

2 Comments on “Super weekend :) <3

  1. I love Law & Order. My fave spinoff is Criminal Intent but I think SVU is great as well.

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