Month: August 2014

Super Sunday :)

Despite being in so much pain yesterday, I did manage to sleep well. After I got comfortable that is. Being in pain is so draining it wears me out.  I woke up just before 9 am. I was up before the pups, that makes… Continue Reading “Super Sunday :)”

Pain pain go away……

3 days since I last posted?? Wow! no wonder my brain feels full! I’ve either been busy or in too much pain to write.  It may take me a while to write tonight as I am in lots of pain. I am hoping my… Continue Reading “Pain pain go away……”

Sin City 2

Am back! I got home just after 10 pm, its now just gone 11 pm and I’m not really tired, I need to wind down before I attempt to sleep.  I thought I would up date about how my evening went.  So I had… Continue Reading “Sin City 2”

Vets, pups and a film :)

I’m up writing earlier today, as I am going out tonight and I’ll probably be too tired to write. I slept well last night, I was in bed just after 10 pm. I am loving taking the dogs out before bed, means I don’t… Continue Reading “Vets, pups and a film :)”

Bank hols catch up

I’ve not been about much because I’ve been busy and too tired in the evening to write.  Saturday – I went to the park for Jack Jacks 5th Birthday party, I got him a Lightening Mc Queen car, that talked and he loved it… Continue Reading “Bank hols catch up”

Appetite…where have you gone?

Urgh I am SO tired, but hungry as well. My appetite has gone again…don’t really fancy anything at all, but still feeling hungry so HAVE to eat! I hate eating sometimes.  Thursday – I did NOTHING! Today I was up at 7 am AGAIN!… Continue Reading “Appetite…where have you gone?”

Mess, films and dogs!

Sat here staring at the screen trying to think of how to start…so I’ll start like this lol.  I slept well last night, but woke up early again! I put the dogs in the lounge and I went back to sleep for an hour.… Continue Reading “Mess, films and dogs!”

Chest doc app

Today has been LONG! I was up at 5:30 am…A bit earlier then I really needed to be, but I hate rushing about if I don’t have too.  So I got up, watched a bit of TV, had some toast, had a shower, got… Continue Reading “Chest doc app”

Great Monday, early Tuesday

A bit of a catch up. So I checked on the boys on Saturday night, before I went to sleep. Albert was all snuggled up looking so cute and Harvey was snoring away hehe, bless him.  I went to bed around 11 pm….But omg… Continue Reading “Great Monday, early Tuesday”

Good times, with a little anxiety

I had a good day Fri, pretty chill really. Just relaxed most of the day watching Law and Order SVU. A friend came over in the evening, we just hung out, chatting and watched a film. It was a good evening 🙂 This morning… Continue Reading “Good times, with a little anxiety”