Month: November 2014


The doctors appointment…. Regarding the stomach stuff, I just got to see how it goes…awesome! Ordered some more pens, so I have enough to take me into the new year. Didn’t manage my sputum sample though Came home, had lunch and a nap. I… Continue Reading “Yeah…whatever”

The fire is going out…

I didn’t get to sleep till about 2 am and I was up at 7 am! But I did fall back to sleep on the sofa for a bit. My bro rang me this morning and we spoke for about half a hour. I… Continue Reading “The fire is going out…”

Feeling down, down, down

So since Saturday, I’ve not really done much, but then I’ve not really felt well. Sun Z came over in the afternoon. We had a look around the shops and I got myself a new batman top 🙂 We came back to mine, chatted… Continue Reading “Feeling down, down, down”


Been a lil busy boy, so not been about. So I shall catch you all up 🙂 Thursday was good. I was up early for some reason, so I had a nice cooked breakfast in asda. Took the pups out etc. It was a… Continue Reading “Drained….”

Feeling Fine ;)

I finally slept so much better last night. No wonder really, I was so freaking tired. Think it was just out of sheer exhaustion. I took it easy this morning as I had no real reason to rush about, which is always nice as… Continue Reading “Feeling Fine ;)”

On the mend

Sleep is not my friend at the moment! I only had about 6 hours last night. I was up and about before 9 am! I thought maybe I would fall back to sleep on the sofa….but that didn’t happen. So I was up showered… Continue Reading “On the mend”

A good start to this week

Urgh I had such a restless nights sleep. At one point I woke up cold and it was because I was at the other end of the bed using the duvet as a pillow….no wonder I was freezing lol. But I suppose I didn’t… Continue Reading “A good start to this week”

Yup still sick

Saturday I didn’t do much. I slept a lot, but I did managed to get into town for a little bit. Not much else to be honest. Oh my stomach has been playing up I hated last night! 😦 My acid reflux was so… Continue Reading “Yup still sick”

Long catch up..Been really poorly!

Wow so I haven’t been on my laptop in over a week. I was busy with friends and baby sitting from Thurs-Sun. H stayed over Fri night, we then had Harvey and Albert on Saturday. We took them to a indoor play area and… Continue Reading “Long catch up..Been really poorly!”

this is a witty title

Well I had a fucking SHIT morning! First miss Marley moo wakes the pups up by scratching at the bedroom door, scrappy gets all excited and jumps over me, so I woke up and let scrappy out for a wee and I had myself… Continue Reading “this is a witty title”