Month: January 2015

Breezy beach walk :)

Well I managed to get to bed at just gone 1 am. I did my injection in my thigh, which hurt like a mother fucker! lol. Went into the bedroom, put the heating on and turned on the tv and xbox. Pulled the covers… Continue Reading “Breezy beach walk :)”

Tired, low, lonely boy :/

It’s Friday….yay…. I’ve had a headache all day and its not been gone for very long. Pain has been ok-ish. Just felt uncomfortable really today. Haven’t been able to keep warm, this evening I am so cold. Earlier today I felt like I was… Continue Reading “Tired, low, lonely boy :/”

Dark passenger surfaces!

I have spent a considerable amount of time just staring blankly into the screen in hope I will be inspired..In hope my brain will make some sort of sense of today. Also been busy listening to Sia, totally obsessed with Chandelier and Breathe me.… Continue Reading “Dark passenger surfaces!”

Recovery day

I’ve not really done much today, so not a lot to write about. I had a good 8 hours sleep last night, definitely needed that after being in so much pain all day yesterday. Still felt tired, I think yesterday just totally knocked it… Continue Reading “Recovery day”

Bad pain day

Last night’s trans group was good 🙂 was nice to be around everyone and we had a good chat, so yeah awesome. After group on the way home, I felt a bit faint. I felt like I hadn’t eaten all day, even though I… Continue Reading “Bad pain day”

Busy Monday, thought I was going to chill..Do’h!

Thought I would update now as I am going to the trans group tonight, so I don’t know what time I’ll be in and how tired I’ll be. I woke up this morning about 8:30 am. I snuggled up on the sofa with a… Continue Reading “Busy Monday, thought I was going to chill..Do’h!”

I can’t think of a title tonight….

I am sat in agony with my stomach tonight, thanks to my doctor who thought he would give me a different antibiotic…although I’ve taken it before without any issue…so yeah in agony and its hard to concentrate, but I need to write, this may… Continue Reading “I can’t think of a title tonight….”

Sleep, Lego and sweets

I didn’t get to bed until 4:30 am, it was just messing about. This happened while we went for a walk before bed I swear down scrappy thinks he’s a bloody lion. We were out walking around our usual route and he spotted something,… Continue Reading “Sleep, Lego and sweets”

Midweek madness….or not so much lol

Midweek madness…well not so much madness lol. Suffering from really bad brain fog right now. GAH so annoying because I love writing so much. But I am trying to think about what happened today, from start till now and I can’t really remember…Stupid head… Continue Reading “Midweek madness….or not so much lol”

Continuing my gender identity journey

Oooh so I haven’t written about this for a while. So after looking after a toddler for a week…I think I have decided that I don’t want a child. Thinking about it properly and yeah being a bit selfish about it. I don’t think… Continue Reading “Continuing my gender identity journey”