I can’t think of a title tonight….

I am sat in agony with my stomach tonight, thanks to my doctor who thought he would give me a different antibiotic…although I’ve taken it before without any issue…so yeah in agony and its hard to concentrate, but I need to write, this may take a while lol.

Fri – This was a good day. I went to see my GP in the morning, he gave me antibiotics to take now and a prescription for the antibiotic I usually take as a back up for when I’m sick and can’t get an appointment with him etc. Also got him to refer me to the pain clinic…although he said its no longer at the local hospital, so will see what comes of that and where it is etc.

Made my way home, didn’t have much time before I was going out to see a film, so I took the pups across the road for a good run and wee. Think I had some lunch I can’t remember.

I went to see Into the Woods. It was really good, really enjoyed it. I was the only one in the whole screening πŸ˜€ So cool.

On the bus back my friend D got on, as he was coming to stay the night and we were going out. On the way through, I had to nip back to my doctors to pick up a proper sharps box. It’s huge..but least its the right one lol.

Got back to mine, I did myself dinner, D did his. Chilled and chatted for a bit. I got showered and dressed, did my injection and took pain killers and then we were ready to rock and roll!

It was a good night, drank my Pepsi lol, had a bit of a dance, chatted to some peeps. Yeah it was good. In one of the bars I went into the men’s toilets with him and went for a pee πŸ™‚ Although it doesn’t really count as in the gay bars everyone just goes in whatever toilet they stumble into first its not such a big deal. But yeah proud I did it. Felt weird but good πŸ™‚

We got in about 3 am…Just chilled out for a bit, needed to unwind before going straight to bed. Took the pups out for a wee. Think we were in bed by nearly 5 am lol.

That brings me to Saturday…For some reason I was only asleep for a few hours. But I got up and fell back to sleep on the sofa until D woke up which was about 11:30 am, he left soon after as he had a meeting to get too. I was meant to be meeting a girl at 12:30 pm outside asda, she was buying some bits that I was selling online…I was 15mins late…eep as I fell asleep lol. But it all worked out ok because she ended up going into Asda for a look around..Phew lol! Got back and put some more clothes on as it was soo cold, I took the pups across the road for a run. Then went back to Asda to pick up a prescription, but the chemist didn’t have it, so had to go to the chemist in town and I accidently ended up in the sweet shop πŸ™‚

I snuggled up on the sofa with my babies, watched a bit of tv. But I ended up falling asleep till about 7 pm…eep quite late but I just couldn’t stay awake.

Just had some cheese and nibbley bits for dinner, wasn’t really hungry, just tired. I kept nodding on and off, but finally got myself into bed just after midnight.

I woke up a whole 2 minutes before my alarm this morning…damn it! I could have done with those two mins haha. Not had time for a nap today.

Chilled out for an hour, just waking up as ya do. Then I got on it like sonic! I got dinner sorted and in the slow cooker, I made some little cakes and I cleaned up the kitchen. Then I blitzed the rest of the flat and did some laundry…BOOM! Flat may as well be sparkling πŸ˜‰

Got myself a nice shower and got dressed…got properly dressed today and not just in joggy bottoms and pj top lol. I had my cuff jeans on and a t-shirt. I wrapped up to take the pups out for a wee, but it wasn’t actually that cold out there, so I was a bit hot.

Dropped the pups back, went to asda and got a few bits. Came back and dosed up on my pain killers and finally got around to taking my antibiotics. Just chilled out watching tv.

After about an hour I started feeling sick and my stomach was really hurting so bad and I had a horrible taste in my mouth. It could only be the antibiotic…sat for about half hour feeling so awful. So went down to the chemist before it closed and got the back up antibiotic he gave me as its a different one. Came back and waited for my mothership to turn up.

She had come over for dinner. I’d invited her over because she’s living back with her mum and nan can cook, but the portions are really small..bless her they don’t eat much. It was actually nice to have her over. We chatted for a bit and she played about on her tab, showing me some pictures of her new bf and his kids etc.

We had a nice roast dinner if I say so myself lol πŸ™‚ yummy. And mum liked it and ate it all.

After dinner, we just chilled out, chatted and played on our tabs.Β I wanted to see how she would react to talking about transgender people. So I used the example of my friends boy who has just turned 9 years old and is transgender, so explained his situation to her and she said well that’s good its more accepted these days… :O what?? My mother said this..wow progress. So yeah impressed and feeling a little easier about maybe telling her about me…at some point, but when its the right time. But a very positive step forward. So feeling good about this.

Rinsed off all the dinner stuff, so it would be easier to clean in the morning. The mothership left just gone 7 pm.

Ah and relax. Not been a lazy Sunday, like it should be hehe. But its been good. Stomach pain has settled a bit now, thankfully.

Feeling happy and relaxed, still chesty though. I’ll start the doxycycline tomorrow. I’m watching Judge Rinder, he’s hilarious! So patronizing but so funny.

The only thing I am doing tomorrow is going to the trans group in the evening. So I can relax for most of tomorrow πŸ™‚

Peace out


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