Bad pain day

Last night’s trans group was good 🙂 was nice to be around everyone and we had a good chat, so yeah awesome.

After group on the way home, I felt a bit faint. I felt like I hadn’t eaten all day, even though I had! I think my body is still getting used to the fact that I am not eating nearly as much as its used too. So it’s just having a lil freak out every now and then.

Got home to very happy puppies 🙂 love coming home to them so so much. They are so happy to see me. I snuggled up on the sofa with them having snuggles and I a little bit fell asleep for an hour lol. So I got myself and the pups ready to nip out for a quick walk and wee and it wasn’t actually as cold as I thought it might be. Got back and jumped into bed 🙂 first night on the 150mgs of quetiapine and I slept fine woohoo!

I slept for 8 and a half hours 🙂 Sweet. I woke up put on the idiot box on, had a sandwich and fell back to sleep until 11 am. Yeah its going to be one of those days, I hurt so much all over and I feel really run down… 😦

Today was pay day so I had stuff to do. Although I felt really crappy I set some goals of what I want to achieve, which was pay my rent, get electric, get a hair cut and do my food shopping.

I washed my hair so it was easier for it to cut. Got dressed and headed out.

Nipped into a shop and sorted out my rent and electric. Went into the barbers to see Darren who along with one other person I only like cutting my hair. Got the same style, swept over but had the back cut as short as the sides, rather then having that a bit longer. Ah feel so good! Although my legs are really sore.

Walked to the sweet shop as it’s on the way home and treated myself so some yummy sweets. Had a lil chat with everyone.

Came home to my beautiful babies, I got them ready and we went across the road for a run. We weren’t long though because I really didn’t feel well at all 😦 I feel so bad when I can’t be out with them for very long. I just couldn’t stand for much longer 😦

We came in and scrappy was racing about lol, gave them some treats. I had a nice hot shower and got into my pjs, I hurt too much to get properly dressed, needed something loose fitting and comfortable.

Ah all nice, fresh, comfy and warm. Snuggled up on the sofa, with crappy afternoon tv and my sweets. Pretty perfect, oh and I had my Pepsi and pain killers lol! I soon fell asleep for most of the afternoon.

Think I woke up about 5 pm, I didn’t jump up feeling better and start doing things. I just chilled out, had scrappy jumping all over me, excited that I was awake hehe. Foxy was still snoozing by my feet. Answered some messages I had and notifications etc, there was a few, like I’d been asleep all day lol.

Finally got myself up, sorted out my dinner and did the washing up. I was feeling a little bit better then I had felt earlier on today. I had one goal left to sort out – Food shopping…gah. I did a shopping list and I didn’t need that much. I threw some clothes on and went down to Asda and picked up a few bits, mainly meat. Because its for the slow cooker I need to actually see the size to make sure it will fit. Plus I like to make sure it looks ok as well. Pepsi was on offer £7 for 30 cans, so picked that up too. That will last me through the fortnight already got a box of 12 at home.

Put my shopping away and stripped off, I wrapped up warm to go out, thinking I need it…but I really didn’t lol. Did the rest of the food shopping online and treated myself to two boxes of lucky charms 🙂 one original and one chocolate flavour! YUM! Can’t wait. Shopping is being delivered between 9-10pm it was the only slot left for tomorrow, but its only a £1 charge so that’s ok.

Just spent this evening catching up on facebook and on Patientslikeme.

I had some girl on Plenty Of Fish dating site talking to me…yeah not the brightest spark… :/ But we are meeting for a coffee Fri morning, although I don’t really want too. Urgh I felt obliged, damn I am wayyyy too kind. I think I maybe ill that morning lol. Just from talking to her, looking through her facebook profile, she’s just not someone I’d even have as a friend. Yes that maybe a snap judgement, but I don’t want to waste time on people that isn’t going to go anywhere as I don’t even think this will lead to friendship. Tricky situation, I don’t know why I am still on this site, I’m not looking for anyone anyway, that just complicates my whole situation. If someone happened to come into my life by chance, I’d be happy with that. I’m not going out of my way to “find” the “one”

Half way through writing I’ve had to put my specs on, heads starting to hurt. I really should wear them EVERY TIME I AM ON THE LAPTOP! I forget all the time, I need to get into the habit.

Wow 11 pm already! Time flies when you are tapping away…and looking at other things and rewriting words because you’ve put the letters in the wrong order lol! I think that’s because I type so fast as I am trying to keep up with my brain.

After this I am going to take some pain killers and chill with the puppies.

The plan for tomorrow is well nothing. Hoping I am feeling well enough to take the pups out for a bit longer so they can have a good run about. Don’t think I’m up for a proper walk, but at least over the road I can sit down and watch them play and its not too far to come back if I don’t feel well.

Peace out


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