Month: February 2015

Super Lazy Saturday :)

I had a pretty late night, I didn’t get to sleep till gone 4 am 🙂 but luckily today I had nothing planned. Only had 6 hours sleep but I got up and just chilled out on the sofa, watching tv and eating breakfast.… Continue Reading “Super Lazy Saturday :)”

48 hours of my 20’s! :O

Happy Friday 🙂 well its officially Saturday now only 48 hours of being in my 20’s! EEEEEEEK! I’ve had a good day and I am feeling pretty good, oh well apart from the physical pain. My hips have been playing me up today and… Continue Reading “48 hours of my 20’s! :O”

Early Birthday surprise :)

Ah I didn’t update on Wednesday….Um I think that was because I felt ill, ah what a surprise! Oh and Tues evening at my friends was a good night, lovely to see them both 🙂 I didn’t really do much yesterday as I was… Continue Reading “Early Birthday surprise :)”

Feeling calmer

I was in bed by 1 am last night. Despite the lowered dose of quetiapine I got to sleep quite quickly, but I was doing some mindfulness to relax myself. Was up early, even though I felt really tired my body wasn’t. I did… Continue Reading “Feeling calmer”

Grumpy c**t *sorry*

It’s my trans group again tonight, which is why I am updating early. I may write again later, will see how I feel. So yeah yesterday….my mood was incredibly low and I wasn’t particularly articulate, because of the low mood. And yeah my attitude… Continue Reading “Grumpy c**t *sorry*”


This weekend blows. Yesterday I slept most of the day. Went back down to a&e because my stupid hand and wrist was so painful. Waste of time! Just pulled the muscles. Scrappy chewed the fucking cable AGAIN! In bed by 1 am. Woke up… Continue Reading “whatever”

Fractured pinkie

Today has been interesting and I think I am rapid cycling right now. I woke up feeling pretty crappy, low and tired. This evening I fractured my little finger and my mood picked right up I mean wtf is that about so yeah…here’s my… Continue Reading “Fractured pinkie”

Yeah whatever right now…I am done.

OMG I just don’t even know what to say. I don’t know what time I got to bed last night, but it was late Slept ok, I only woke up because I got hot, so that was annoying because it was early. Usual sat… Continue Reading “Yeah whatever right now…I am done.”

Conflicted. Happy things, but also sad things :(:

Sat here feeling pretty conflicted about how I should feel. I have good things going on in my life and that’s cool, I’m happy about that. But there are other things that a really crappy, so sort of stuck in the middle, not sure… Continue Reading “Conflicted. Happy things, but also sad things :(:”

Sugar rush, fun times :)

I think the my days have been mixed up as its been a manic Tuesday 😉 Pups and I got the bed about…12:40 am, I just chilled out watched tv, played with scrappy and then played on my tab for a bit. Think I… Continue Reading “Sugar rush, fun times :)”