Early update – Feeling awesome! Happy Solar Eclipse :)

Updating early just in case I don’t get a chance to later.

I slept well last night but didn’t get to sleep till gone 2 am. Ah fresh bed sheets and Pj’s LUSH! 🙂

I woke up at just gone 10 am and totally missed the solar eclipse…but that didn’t really matter as sadly it was misty again lol so you couldn’t see anything. Just like last time lol!

Just relaxed for the whole morning. My brother, his gf and lil Leo popped over 🙂 My bro is collecting money for my step-dad as he’s too ill to work now but not getting any benefits just yet. I’m hoping to be able to give him a bit more next week.

Put all my washing away, got myself showered and dressed. And I took the pups across the road for an hour to play.

Dropped the pups home and nipped to the shop to pick up my medications and I got some arty crafty bits to do with the boys and some treats too 🙂 I have a plan for the weekend because I know I am going to be lacking in energy after my injection tonight. But I have a little plan in my head.

Just been catching up on things this afternoon. Just waiting for my boy’s to come. H is coming over later to sign my deed poll so I can post off 🙂 EEEK!

So yeah I cannot wait for the weekend with my boy’s and I know it with give L the much needed break.

Feeling pretty awesome today. Going to start looking for a different way to bind next week. Just going to concentrate on having a fun weekend with the boy’s.

I may update a little later. Will see if I have time 🙂

Peace out


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