Month: June 2015

Mega Lazy Sunday Bruno Mars – The lazy song, this has totally been my song ALL day 🙂 I have done nothing all day long and man I totally needed to just veg out and stay in and rest. I feel totally rested and happy, that’s… Continue Reading “Mega Lazy Sunday”

Family BBQ

Last night I didn’t get to sleep till gone 2 am 🙂 and I slept pretty well. Slept until gone 9 am, got up had breakfast and fell back to sleep on the sofa until like 12/1 pm lol…I totally needed it though. Just… Continue Reading “Family BBQ”

I’ve been a poorly boy. Also #LoveWins

So the last few days have not been cool! But I am on the mend and on the up once again..mostly. Wednesday was rough I couldn’t get going, I managed to get to my hospital appointment at the hospital 4 mins late…but I got… Continue Reading “I’ve been a poorly boy. Also #LoveWins”


Aaaahh an early start! Woke up at 7 am and fell back to sleep for 40 mins, threw some clothes on and sorted the pups out. Saw my dentist at a stupidly early 8:20 am.. And YUP I need another tooth out, so he… Continue Reading “*Insert*some*happy*title*”

1 appointment down…2 to go

Urgh today has been long, well the hospital took 2 hours and this morning seem to whiz by. I think that’s because I woke up at 10:15 am which is late for me really. I did manage to clean up, get showered and dressed… Continue Reading “1 appointment down…2 to go”

Awesome weekend with my best friend

The last 5 days have been so good 🙂 I ache all over and I’m utterly exhausted but I am so happy. Wed –  L, boo and I met up and we had lunch down where I scattered my dad and the pups had… Continue Reading “Awesome weekend with my best friend”

Tired, achy me

I’ve been looking at this blank screen for about an hour, I’ve got lots to say but I’m really tired but can’t be bothered to move and don’t know where to start with this…I’m just typing without really looking or thinking. Flipping N keeps… Continue Reading “Tired, achy me”


It’s been a good start to the week and I’m updating early because I’ve got my trans* group tonight. Woke up at 7 am and even though I didn’t get till sleep till gone 1 am this morning, I felt pretty energised. So I… Continue Reading “DISCHARGED!”

This boy WILL win :)

Another good weekend 🙂 Yesterday was good, I spent most of the morning sleeping off the Metoject, bloody thing wipes me out. But within an hour I managed to get up, showered and dressed and got myself and the pups ready to get the… Continue Reading “This boy WILL win :)”

Purposeful :)

I’ve been sat here for ages just looking at the screen zoning out because I’m actually quite tired. But the rain is hammering down outside, so I’m going to write this entry in hope that it dies down a bit before I take the… Continue Reading “Purposeful :)”