Month: August 2015

Feeling recharged

I’ve had another nice relaxing day 🙂 and I feel totally recharged, it was something I totally needed it. I started colouring in one of my pictures last night from my new Animorphia book and wow I love it, it’s so so cool! 🙂… Continue Reading “Feeling recharged”

Chill day

I am feeling nice and relaxed and for once not in absolute agony! I’ve had a really nice day to myself, which I so needed. Can’t remember when the last time I had the whole day to myself was. Took some time to catch… Continue Reading “Chill day”

Gender clinic letter! woohoo!

Only 10 pm and I am totally ready for bed already lol, I am just SO rock and roll on a Saturday night :p after I’ve written this I may do some colouring, depending on how I feel, because right now I am tired… Continue Reading “Gender clinic letter! woohoo!”

Fracture clinic day!

Fracture clinic day finally came! and I am so so glad that I didn’t get a cast. The doc said I got to start trying to move my arm, which I have been doing all day. It hurts but I need to get it… Continue Reading “Fracture clinic day!”

Coping with everything

Today is nearly over and I am a step closer to my fracture clinic appointment. I’m feeling tired again tonight but I’m feeling good. Not done much today, the weather for most of today has been rain! rain and oh more rain! So most… Continue Reading “Coping with everything”

A better day, feeling grateful

Ah I am so tired right now but my pain levels are much much easier to deal with but I think that is because I am just getting used to it now. The swelling has gone down a bit and the bruising has come… Continue Reading “A better day, feeling grateful”

Broken bones again

So I’m in absolute agony, Fri I fell and fractured my arm and thumb. Right now I am only in a wrist splint and sling, which I am struggling to use as it hurts my neck. I have the fracture clinic on Thursday and… Continue Reading “Broken bones again”

A little blue

I am at my brothers right now, looking after my little nephew. Not long put the lil monkey to bed, he’s sound asleep. My mood isn’t much better today, still feeling a bit down, a bit flat but it’s not too bad, I can… Continue Reading “A little blue”

Some pictures of the past 2 weeks

  Cool Lego  Me and my gorgeous babies Chilling in bed with my furkids  My new shower stool, so helpful, love it.  Snuggles with Harley  More cool Lego 🙂  Foxy and Scrappy having snuggles  Happy foxy girl in bed 🙂 New Adventure time t-shirt,… Continue Reading “Some pictures of the past 2 weeks”

Pretty Perfect Sunday

I’m so tired I could fall asleep right now, I keep zoning out lol. But I shall write before bed time to get everything out. For the 5 and a bit hours I did sleep last night, I slept solidly. I would have been… Continue Reading “Pretty Perfect Sunday”