Really busy boy, been having great fun

Wow I’ve been so busy I’ve been too tired to update my journal. But I’ve been having great fun πŸ™‚ I’ll just do a quick update.

Thursday – Had group Thursday afternoon…it was ok-ish. I’m ended up leaving feeling really annoyed with the same two members that I was pissed off with last week. I wasn’t impressed with their behaviour but it’s going to be dealt with. After group I met L and the boys and we came back to mine.

We got in and I had my dinner straight away because I was so hungry lol! We all went out for a walk on my usual route by the water, L and the boys had some dinner while we were out.

After our walk Albert had a bath and went to bed. I sat and played Lego with Harvey and let him stay up to watch the fireworks with us. L and I didn’t go to bed much longer after him lol.

Fri – In the morning we had a nice cooked breakfast at Asda and after I gave us all buzz cuts, me and the boys had a 1 all over and L and a 4 all over πŸ™‚ hehe. We then got ready and headed to Hamworthy park for the afternoon. My brother and Leo joined us for a bit too. We played on the beach and in the sea, me and Boo made sand castles and played football. Harvey had fun playing in the park with his boomerang and L had fun chilling and playing in the sea too. It was a great afternoon πŸ™‚

After the park I took Harvey to the shop with me to get us some dinner, then came back and fed us all. Lou bathed Albert and the pups while I was at the shop, so they were all nice and clean. Boys both went to bed a bit earlier then last night so we could have some proper adult chill time. We were both so tired we just ended up watching tv instead of a film.

Sat – I am struggling to remember what we did… We just had a chilled out day because me and L were shattered. I had a nap in the morning, we took the pups across the road for a run and the boys played football. Harvey and I spent ages playing with my Lego while boo had an afternoon nap. I made me and the boy’s dinner and then we all went out for a walk along the water with the pups. Put boo to bed when we got in and Harvey went not long after. L had her dinner and we watched a really good film called StoneHearst Asylum, great cast and great film.

Sun – Caught right up now πŸ™‚ WOW today has been busy but it’s been so much fun. I printed out some templates to make cubes with for Harvey. I then set up lots of paints out on the balcony, neither of the boys really liked it lol. But I had so much fun and was covered head to toe in paint lol. Me and Albert played with water after while L was cleaning up a bit. Had a shower with boo to get us both nice and clean. The boys then chowed down on some lunch before we took the pups out for a run across the road. Me and the boys collected some leaves, sticks, flowers and stuff to do some arts and crafts with tomorrow. Boo went straight down for a nap for a few hours, lil man was so so so tired lol, even had to wake him up for dinner, bless him. L made some cakes, Harvey and I watched a film and coloured in the templates for the cubes, although he didn’t have as much fun as I did lol. L joined us and coloured in a mandala. It was great fun all just sat chilling out πŸ™‚

I dished us up our nice roast dinner and everyone gobbled it all up πŸ™‚ and even had room for Β cakes after.

Went for a walk after dinner and I had fun flying my kite πŸ™‚ I did manage to get it stuck in a tree lol but got it back out again without having to climb this big ass tree and possibly breaking some bones! haha.

Boo went straight to bed when we got in but the lil monkey didn’t go straight to sleep. Harvey had a shower and he played with his cubes while I was putting together the last few. Then it was off to bed with him. L and I have just been relaxing this evening, we watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall which she’s not seen before.

Everyone is in bed now, I just need to finish this off before I can take the pups for a wee and get some sleep myself.

L and the boys are off home tomorrow, the place will be quiet again, which is nice but I’ll miss them. Got my trans group social tomorrow night so looking forward to that.

Well I better finish up, this tired boy needs his beauty sleep lol! I’ll post some pictures of my week tomorrow, I’m too tired, hot and achy to do it now.

Peace out


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