Gender dysphoria

I’ve been quite irritable and angry recently without real cause to be feeling that way. That is a warning sign for me but I’ve been thinking that this could be put down to gender dysphoria.

Like I am DONE with it being warm and having to wear vest tops and shorts. I cannot wait to be back in jeans so I don’t have to shave my legs and back to wearing hoodies so my man boobs are less obvious. I get like this about this time of year every year, I am now thinking that this isn’t because I like the winter because I like the cold, I much prefer the sun. Its because I can cover up and feel more confident in myself and look more like a guy.

So the recent anger and irritability can be put down to gender dysphoria and not being happy with my body, so wanting to cover it up…

Does this make sense to anyone?

Peace out


4 Comments on “Gender dysphoria

  1. I totally understand this dude! I feel exactly the same way. The most depressing thing for me during the summer is how much weight I have gained and my man boobs are way too big to hide and now they’re too dang big to even hide in the winter under a hoody. I hate them with a passion! I wish I had money so I could just go to a plastic surgeon and have them removed. I totally understand! Hang in there!

  2. Ah yeah it totally fucking sucks doesn’t it! I cannot wait for surgery. Ah man that’s shit 😦 sorry dude. Thanks dude you too 🙂

  3. Uhhhh you’re a guy why do you have to shave your legs? Slap me if that’s an inappropriate question but I want to support your manliness which means no shaving 😀

  4. Lol it’s ok. I can’t bind my chest because it hurts too much and because of my health stuff too. So when I’m in shorts and a vest top it’s obvious that I have a female body.. So yeah in the winter when I can cover up I will stop shaving 🙂

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