A little blue

I am at my brothers right now, looking after my little nephew. Not long put the lil monkey to bed, he’s sound asleep.

My mood isn’t much better today, still feeling a bit down, a bit flat but it’s not too bad, I can deal with it. Still just trying to let myself feel it, deal with it rather then instantly distracting myself from it. Because that’s not always helpful.

The weather is really crappy today so I’ve been able to wear trousers and my hoodie 🙂 yay! made me feel comfortable with my body. Which I’ve not really felt since the summer started, I’m so glad we are heading towards the cooler weather again.

I slept ok-ish last night, I did wake up for about half an hour at about 4 am, I ended up just getting up for a bit and went straight back to sleep until my alarm went off and rudely woke me again at 7:30 am which by then I did NOT want to get up and I wanted to stay asleep….typical lol.

I was up at the hospital just before 9 am, I found where I was meant to be going ok too. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long, a nurse did my weight, height and blood pressure before I went in to meet my new doctor. I was a bit anxious about it but it went ok, it was a lady doctor and she was really lovely. On my notes it does say I am male, but she asked me if it was Miss or Mr so I said genetically I am a Miss but I prefer Mr because I’m trans* and she was like ok cool, so that was pretty awesome. We talked about my condition, how it effects me, how it started, my symptoms etc, just my whole history up until now. She’s agreed that for now I can slowly come off the steroids, which is cool. I start by taking them every other day and see how I go, if I have a flare up then she will look at putting me on something else. I see her in two months time 🙂 so yeah I am pretty happy with that outcome.

I had a nap mid morning, after I’d taken the dogs out for a quick wee. I definitely needed that lil sleep, I was out for an hour and a half and I felt refreshed.

This afternoon I had a health check up with the nurse at the doctors, she did my weight, height and blood pressure. Got her to do me a prescription of a few bits I needed, we had a good chat about things too. I asked her if I absolutely have to have my smear test, which I am due to have in March and I explained my situation to her and she said they will send me a letter asking me to book an appointment when its due and all I need to do is ring them up and explain my situation and I may have to sign like a disclaimer or something but I may not. So yeah that’s good. I checked with reception if my forms had been sent to the gender clinic and they definitely have which is cool! and she’s going to see what’s going on about the pain clinic…again! I got referred in January, they sent me forms which I sent back but I’ve just not heard back since, which is so annoying!

I managed to sit down for about 10 mins before I was off out again.

I’ve been at my brothers since half 4 pm. Little Leo has been fed, had play time, had a bath, had a bottle and is now fast asleep. He’s such an easy baby to look after. It’s Jack Jack’s 6th birthday tomorrow, 6! I can’t believe where the times gone. So I’m seeing him on Fri to give him his presents.

Got group tomorrow and I am taking about 20mins of it…EEEP! I have a rough idea of what I am going to do, but I need to plan it a little bit more, so I need to do that in a min. Bit nervous about it, I hope people behave and I hope it will be helpful to them. We are doing about managing emotions and I will be doing a bit about how to be mindful of emotions and I will be doing a mindfulness exercise.

Well I better get my butt into gear and start planning my lil piece for tomorrow.

Peace out


2 Comments on “A little blue

  1. Hey Batman! I enjoyed reading your latest blog post. I was curious. Why did you have to switch physicians? Going off the steroids, is that a good thing? What did you do at your group and how did it go? Sorry I haven’t been in touch as much as normal. I have had no internet. I haven’t forgotten about you my friend! I should be back online daily fairly soon. My moving day has been moved back to Sept 3rd.

  2. Hey Oh because the other one wasn’t listening to me and I want to come off my current medication for my gpa because it just makes me sick and the steroids are making my teeth and bones weak. So yeah I need to be off it.
    I just talked a bit about mindfulness and being mindful of emotions and I did a mindfulness exercise and it went well I think considering I was agitated at the time.
    That’s ok,hope all is well

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