Broken bones again

So I’m in absolute agony, Fri I fell and fractured my arm and thumb.

Right now I am only in a wrist splint and sling, which I am struggling to use as it hurts my neck. I have the fracture clinic on Thursday and I may have to have a full arm cast… :/ Which will be difficult but hopefully will help with the pain.

I can’t do anything, Lego, colouring, ps3, nothing! 😥 can just about type. This is taking ages to do but I need to write.

Urgh I feel so so shit, really struggling with the pain! and the docs can’t give me anything because of what I’m already on. Which is bullshit.

L is coming to help me do a few bits tomorrow, thankfully.

I also lost my bus pass today, so I am hoping my O.T can help me sort out getting a new one.

Got group social tomorrow, so I’ve emailed M to beg for a lift there and back. I can’t go to group Thursday because I’ve got the hospital. So hopefully she can, because I need to get out.

That’s all I can manage for now, I’ll try write more tomorrow.

Peace out


4 Comments on “Broken bones again

  1. At least healthcare is free in England! The worst I’ve done with three years of hypermobility is spraining my ankles and wrists.

  2. Oh gosh yeah! Ouch they are bad enough, I think this is more down to being on long term steroids but the hyper mobility doesn’t help lol

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