Month: September 2015

Anti-social day

I hate today, it’s a total fucking write off and I cannot wait to get into bed. My alarm went of at 7 am, as I needed to be in Bournemouth by 10 am. I did my morning stuff to get myself ready to…

Busy boy in over drive.

It’s only Tuesday and my lil brain is in over drive and I feel like I’ve done a whole weeks worth of work lol. I am feeling a bit better today, my mood isn’t so low and physically I don’t feel as grotty and…

Lil flare, feeling crap all round.

Not been on here properly for a few days because I’ve either been too tired or too busy making YouTube videos. Fri I spent most of it just making YouTube videos and spent pretty much all day in front of my laptop. It was…

Video blog – Home made dog treats

How to make some home made dog treats to keep your dogs busy. Peace out Batman

Video blog – My Hobbies, Lego :)

Another video blog about my hobbies 🙂 I love Lego Peace out Batman

Video blog – Home remedy for dogs

A video about a home remedy that’s easy to do if you or your dog gets gunky eyes. Peace out Batman

Video blog – hobbies

Another little look at my life and my hobbies 🙂 Peace out Batman