Happy chilled boy

Ahhhhhh I’ve had such a productive day 🙂 and I’ve managed to do everything all by myself even though it made me arm really hurt it was totally worth it.

I slept well last night when I eventually went to bed lol. I woke up, had some breakfast and chilled out, then went back to bed until midday 🙂 woke up again and had some cake lol.

Then I got my butt into gear and cleaned the whole flat, did 4 loads of laundry throughout the day as well. I also managed to change the bedsheets, which was so difficult but they really needed doing. So chuffed I was able to do it all by myself, my arm is definitely getting loads better.

After sorting all that out and got myself sorted, I took the pups for a nice walk around our regular route and met some really lovely people and dogs 🙂 I really love chatting to other dog owners and watching the pups running about together.

I went to the shop and got Leo’s birthday present ready for next month, I am totally going to get sorted for xmas earlier this year. I also spoilt the pups a bit lol.

Just been relaxing this evening, going the take the pups out for a walk and have a nice shower using the lavender baby wash which I love so much 🙂

 My happy pups after I said WALKIES! LOL!

 Foxy girl in her new pink jumper 🙂

Peace out


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