The fatigue monster will not beat me!

Hmm so my brain keeps stopping today because I’m so tired and I’ve been tired since I woke up… the joys of chronic fatigue. But I shall try to string some sentences together in hope they make some sort of sense lol.

I slept ok last night up until 5 am, when I woke up feeling really hot. I got up to pee and cool down a bit, got back into bed and put my white noise app on because I felt really unsettled for some reason and my alarm wasn’t going off until 10 am.

I did get back to sleep until 10 am but I still felt unsettled but I have vague memories of weird dreams… all I remember is being stuck in a room with dismembered bodies..but I don’t know what the context was lol.

Did my usual morning things to get ready to leave the flat. Everything felt like it took forever and it was such a fucking massive effort, putting on 1 sock felt impossible… but I managed to get showered, dressed, took the pups out for a quick wee and got myself off to my 1:1.

My 1:1 was a good session, although I felt like my brain was jumping about a bit because I was just so exhausted and I had little concentration. But it was a good session 🙂

On my way home I got myself a jam donut and croissant, I needed a little snack before dinner and I’d not eaten lunch, only breakfast. I snuggled up on the sofa with my pups and just chilled right out. I did intend to have a lil nap but I sat doing some colouring in for ages, until my hand was sore. It was really relaxing and I enjoy it so much and probably much better then having a nap as I really want to sleep well tonight, I hope last night was just an off night.

I had some dinner, I didn’t eat it all but I did manage to eat most of it. I am putting real effort into not stressing about how much I eat, as long as I eat something then that is totally better then nothing. But whatever I ate something 🙂

Even though my lil fatigue monster was wanting me to just stay sat on the sofa, I fought against him and took the pups out for a walk, we were out for just over an hour. The pups needed it and I needed it, despite the fatigue. A gentle walk always helps me centre myself and just feel a bit better, despite being in pain and being exhausted. I suppose that’s the happy hormones that makes me feel that way 🙂 but whatever it is I’m glad I went.

This evening I’ve just been relaxing, I did do a bit more colouring in of Mr Froggy 🙂

I have a plan of what I want to accomplish tomorrow but I feel it maybe a little over ambitious. Although that maybe because I am feeling exhausted right now. My plan is to do the housework in the morning, have lunch and take the pups up to the heath for a walk and cook myself a nice dinner in the evening, oh and hopefully do some colouring too lol. I really hope I am able to do this because I’ve not taken the pups to the heath for ages and I love being up there 🙂

Fingers crossed I feel up to doing it all ❤

I’m feeling ok this evening mood wise, just wish someone else could carry my load for a little while, so I can have a break.

After that bit of self indulgent crap lol, I shall end this ramble.

Peace out


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