Gappy boy!

Ah I am so tired again…and my mouth is a bit sore. I am really struggling to concentrate tonight.

I don’t really have much to say but I thought I would write a quick post.

I haven’t really done much this weekend apart from sleep, I’ve just been so exhausted and I have felt a bit ill too. Even though it wasn’t major surgery, it still takes a big toll on a body that isn’t already performing at 100% so it’s no wonder I feel so crap.

Yesterday evening I did go to a&e to get my hand checked out from where the cannula was. It was so sore and really swollen, I could barely move my hand. I thought it best to get checked out because nothing with me is ever straight forward. The doctor said it’s probably where they got fluid under my skin and if I can get it moving, it will get the fluid moving but it will take a few more days to heal up properly. She also said that I’ve got to keep an eye on it, for redness and the swelling getting worse because that could be a sign of infection. Luckily non of that so far, just still pain and a little less swelling now. I can move my hand a bit better today, which is good.

Today I managed to do the housework, which made me feel better. I hate it when it looks messy in here, there wasn’t loads to do but it still made me feel better.

One of the gaps that a tooth was taken from is really sore and there is stitches all around where the tooth was and around the tooth next to it. That tooth was only a root left, so looks like they had trouble getting it out! All under my tongue is really bruised, I thought it was blood clots under my tongue…but it’s actually my tongue that’s been battered! No wonder it’s all really sore in that area!

Tomorrow I have my flu shot in the afternoon, I hope I don’t feel to ill as a result. I am going to try not to nap until I got to have my shot at 1 pm and then come home and sleep the afternoon away and hopefully I’ll feel ok to go to my group social in the evening 🙂 *fingers*crossed*

I’m doing ok I suppose, I need to spend some time tomorrow sorting out when and where and what I am doing for the next few weeks and I need to sort out my P.I.P form too…I’m anxious to get it all done. Plus I know I have a few appointments in the next few weeks but I’m not sure when etc. I think I am just rambling now lol..

My brain has switched off…I was going to write something about something but I can’t remember what it was lol!

Right I’ll be off to bed then!

Peace out


2 Comments on “Gappy boy!

  1. Reading about all the things that happen unexpectedly to you and myself, I think we are two peas in a pod. Nothing seems to come easy for either one of us!

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