Month: November 2015

Video blog – Methotrexate and other stuff

I love my friends <3

I am back, I’m feeling a bit more lively and a bit less mopey. It’s been a very long few weeks but hopefully this is the start of me feeling better. My stomach has been loads better this week and I’ve been catching up…

Enough is Enough! Goodbye Methotrexate!

Quick catch up, it’s been a long week already. I’m tired and everything hurts and I just want to hibernate for winter. My stomach has settled down now which is such a relief, although it is still a bit tender when I eat but…

Sulphur burp Sunday

So going to write a quick catch up, I am going to get myself to bed fairly early tonight and not 2 am again. I’ve felt a bit better today, although my stomach has still felt sore. Especially after eating, even just small amounts….

Catch up from a very ill me :(

I’ve not been around properly for a while because I’ve just been so ill, so exhausted and really low. I have felt so ill all week due to the methotrexate, it’s given me a bad stomach all week, nothing I’ve eaten has stayed in…