So it’s 4 days until Christmas day! EEEEK! and I am sort of ready for it lol. I have food to last for like a month lol! so at least that is done and sorted out but I have a few presents still to get and then I need to spend time wrapping it all, which I hate cuz my butt and lower back really hurts when I sit on the floor.

My tree went up on the 12th and it looks great, got loads of decorations on there that were made by my friends and their kids, gives it such a personal loving feel and I can’t stop looking at the decorations and thinking about all my friends who love me and who have been so amazing this year 🙂

On the 11th I went to the Weymouth Mindout group and we had our Christmas lunch, which was lovely. I always really enjoy being with the people in that group, they are all so lovely. On our first group back to both the Bournemouth and Weymouth group I am doing a session about being transgender…eeep no pressure lol, I am looking forward to it though, just not sure where to start. Might look up some history and statistics and stuff.

The 14th was the trans group Christmas meal and again it was another great meet up. I had my main man sat next to me for the whole thing and he didn’t stop talking to me for the whole thing, but it was so lovely to catch up with him, he’s such a dude!

17th was the last Mindout Bournemouth group until the 7th of Jan, it was a really good group, quite a few people turned up which was nice. Afterwards I went to the YMCA with N so she could pick some stuff up so she could come stay with me for a few days. She treated us to pizza hut which was lush and we just hung out watching films. It was really nice to have some company.

18th N spent most of the day at hers doing some bits she needed to do and I spent most of the day sleeping and resting because I was so tired and I am still feeling poorly, so I needed it. N came back in the evening and we chilled out watching tv and playing Lego lol. I had my food shopping delivered, so N and I put that away and sorted out all the stuff that’s gone off in the fridge and freezer. N is staying with me all over Christmas, so we went to Asda and got some more food shopping and yeah we have loads now lol!

19th Again I spent most of my day sleeping and resting. L came over early evening without the boys, so it was really nice to have some adult time together before all the madness of Christmas commences lol. We had pizza hut for dinner….well is is the holidays 😉 and we watched some films which was cool.

Today L and I took the pups for a lovely walk down baiter park this morning. It was so nice, a bit windy though lol but the pups had great fun running around and being all crazy. Scrappy and Arnie even dipped their paws in the sea, crazy boys must have been so cold.

After the walk L caught the bus back to hers and I walked back home. When I got in I did myself some crumpets for lunch, got a Pepsi, pain killers, a few chocolates and a Christmas film and snuggled up in bed, with the pups and the cats. I don’t think I saw most of the film lol because I fell asleep but I so needed it.

Just been chilling out this evening, I watched tv, had some dinner, played with the dogs and the cats, played with Lego. Yeah it’s been a pretty great day and even though I am still full of snot I feel really good 🙂

Even though I am not entirely sorted and I do still have a few bits to do, I feel more settled then I have done. I feel much more grounded and settled. I think that being around all my friends over Christmas is giving me something to really look forward too so it’s lifted my mood, I really want to make sure everyone around me has a great time, as well as myself and my fur babies of course.

It’s been a very long few weeks with lots of ups and downs, illnesses, emotional pain, tiredness and generally just not knowing where I am at at all. But I am definitely getting back on track and I am hopefully going to end this very long year on a good note. I’m not sure if I am looking forward to next year or not but I know it will be hard with difficult appointments and stuff but I am just going to make sure I fill up the rest of the time with fun with friends.

 My gorgeous Foxy and Scrappy looking rather festive ❤

Harley and Marley my beautiful girls ❤

I scrub up ok don’t I? 😉

 Tree decorations made my J and his boy

 Tree decoration made my my friend K

  Tree decorations made my Scarlett, India and Ravenoak

 Tree decorations made by L and the boys

I am in love with my decorations ❤

Peace out


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