Month: July 2016

Meds, weight gain and gender dysphoria

So in the post named A bit of everything, I touched on the subject of weight gain because of the Gabapentin and I thought I would write a bit more in depth post about it. Last year I came down off the Quetiapine to… Continue Reading “Meds, weight gain and gender dysphoria”

How Pokemon Go has helped me

So Pokemon Go was released here in the UK yesterday and I am already hooked. Even though my generation grew up with video games, I kinda missed out on it all. We had a console when I was about 6 and my favourite game… Continue Reading “How Pokemon Go has helped me”

A little bit of everything

Just a little over a week since I last posted and I feel like I need to write tonight, it maybe a quick one though as I’m quite tired and achy today. More news on the benefits front, I got a letter on Friday… Continue Reading “A little bit of everything”

Catching up again – Staying afloat

Once again its been about a month since I’ve written anything, it feels much longer though. I am going to try and write more regularly this month and hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of it again. I really enjoy writing and I’ve… Continue Reading “Catching up again – Staying afloat”