Month: September 2016

Auto immune disorders suck!

My year has been pretty shit with the whole benefits thing but my health has really taken a dive this past year and all the stress hasn’t helped with that. I keep looking back at all the things I did last summer and I… Continue Reading “Auto immune disorders suck!”

Benefits saga – Continues

I’ve decided to split up my posts about my life into sections, so my posts are shorter and a bit easier to read and digest. So as the title states this one is about PIP and ESA…Oh the joys! Well after having to go… Continue Reading “Benefits saga – Continues”

First appointment at the GIC

A week ago yesterday I went up to London Hammersmith and had my first appointment at the Gender Identity Clinic. I’m only writing now because I’ve not really had the concentration to sit and write. For a few days after I was buzzing! Then… Continue Reading “First appointment at the GIC”

Apparently it’s not over…

Last week I wrote about my PIP tribunal results and that they had awarded me 8 points which meant I still qualify for it, well just. No I wasn’t overly happy with their decision but I was just happy it was all coming to… Continue Reading “Apparently it’s not over…”