Apparently it’s not over…

Last week I wrote about my PIP tribunal results and that they had awarded me 8 points which meant I still qualify for it, well just. No I wasn’t overly happy with their decision but I was just happy it was all coming to and end.

Well I was fucking wrong to feel relieved and to think that is was all nearly over! Because this morning the DWP sent me a letter saying that they are going to request a statement from the tribunal service for them to explain exactly why I was awarded the 8 points and if they do not think their reasons are good enough they are going to request to appeal to courts decision about me being awareded PIP, if they do appeal it means they will be taking it to the high courts, which means they will still continue to withhold my money.

WTF?! I didn’t even know they could do this. Surely once HMC’s have made their decision that should be final.

To say I am angry and upset is just a total understatment, I am absolutely devastated and absolutely furious.

They simply cannot take this further, I just don’t have it in me to do anymore. I can’t keep proving over and over to these people. They have made me feel like I am a liar, that I am a criminal, they have made me depressed and on the edge of suicide.

Sat here in disbelief, I wanted to write as I needed to get some of the anger out but I’m at a loss for words. For the last year I’ve said all I’ve had to said about how angry I am about this whole situation and it just seems to keep getting worse and worse. I feel like all my rights, my voice, my dignity has just been stripped away by these people. I feel like I’ve been left in a dark, cold cell, stripped of clothing, of warmth, light, food, everything. I simply cannot beleieve our goverment is doing this to the disabled and vulnerable people, its disgusting.

2,380 people from 2011 – 2014 killed themselves after being deemed fit to work. Who is speaking for them? Who is fighting for them? Who even cares? I do not want to be a statistic BUT I fear I maybe if the DWP appeal this.

I feel the need to speak up about this but right now I am not in the right head space and I wouldn’t know where to even start.

I can’t write anymore, I feel like I’m going in circles in my head.

Peace out


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