My Food Diary

I’ve not been around for a while, as I’ve been really struggling to deal with life and stuff in general. But I am working hard on getting myself back on track and back into the swing of things.

The holidays always throw me completely off track and off my routine.

So in lots of my previous posts I’ve talked about having trouble my my appetite, eating food, my relationship with food etc. I’ve been thinking about my eating habits a lot lately and I am acutely aware I eat way too much refined sugars and I don’t really eat much of a varied diet. This is highlighted to me when on the odd occasion I eat out, I only ever eat out at places I’ve eaten before and will only eat something I’ve eaten before and the thought of trying something new causes such anxiety. Also when I am bored of eating the same meals over and over and I look up new recipes, I never end up making them because they usually contain foods I’ve never eaten before so again it causes me great stress and anxiety.

This poor relationship with food goes back to my childhood…that’s a whole long other story. But the most important thing is that now I want to get over this fear I have of food and get over my poor relationship with food. I think its the right time, after all I am nearly 32 and as I have complex health issues I want a better diet as I know it will benefit my physical and mental health.

So I have decided to try one new food every week and I’m going to up date each week on what food I tried and if I liked it or not.

Today I tired blueberries for the first time, I also googled to see if the dogs were allowed to eat them and they are. They actually have the same health benefits for dogs as humans, which is cool. So I gave the dogs one each and I probably ate maybe 10 or more. The dogs weren’t impressed lol and only licked at the blueberry. I didn’t really like the texture of them, they were a bit like weird grapes. Maybe in the summer I will try them with strawberries, as they will be more seasonal then.

I am proud that I tried a new food, definitely a massive step forward in the right direction. Anything is possible if you are willing to be open.

The rest of the blueberries won’t go to waste, I’m going to take them to a course I am going to tomorrow.

I don’t know what’s on the menu next week, I’m not going to plan anything as that will cause me stress and anxiety. Just going to go with the flow.

Peace out


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